Mute Friendship

Don’t you just hate it when people are keeping stuff from you?  People that, I don’t know, are your friends?  Well, I bet that’s what Ichigo felt when neither Chad or Orihime wanted to tell him anything about the trouble that Orihime has found herself in in the latest BLEACH manga chapter, chapter 440: Mute Friendship.

Bleach 440 page 1Just when Ichigo thought that he would get back into the circle of things, what with his powers “returning” (but not so much, he had just learned his Fullbring, after all),  he finds that neither Chad nor Orihime would want to talk to him about ‘things’.  Said ‘things’ particularly involved Orihime who was attacked by Tsukushima.  After hurrying to Orihime’s apartment, both Chad and Ichigo sees Orihime sitting on the floor.  She isn’t hurt or anything.  Just shocked.

Tsukushima stabs OrihimeWhy?  Because she had thought that Tsukushima had run her through with his sword–his Fullbring.  He did.  The thing was, Orihime wasn’t hurt.  She wasn’t bleeding either.  And when she realized it Tsukushima and his lackey were gone and Ichigo and Chad were asking her what had happened and why her reiatsu was feeling weird before.  Orihime denies that anything had happened and said that she was just talking with a friend when her stomach grumbled.  Although Orihime’s goal in saying these things was to make sure that Ichigo doesn’t get caught up in the mess, she wonders why she said (or thought) that Tsukushima was her friend.

Ichigo returns to KuugaChad knows, or rather feels, that Orihime was hiding things from them at that moment and guessed that it was because of Ichigo.  She was (is) worried about him and so he made a mental note (just as Orihime did) to call (Orihime thought of texting Chad) Orihime later.  Ichigo’s not dumb or dense, however.  He knew that they were hiding something and it frustrated him so much that he went back to Kuugo’s place where he learns of Tsukushima and how he was once Kuugo’s ally.

And that, in a nutshell, is what this 440th chapter is all about.  Not so much action in it but it is much better than what we have been having from Naruto.  Honestly, Naruto had just ended up as being one hell of a drag.  The latest chapter from the said manga isn’t available yet though but you can expect a short post about it once it is up on our Online Manga Viewer.

Until then, dream on; fly on!

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