Duodecim: Are You Ready to Rumble?

People–meaning gamers–have been waiting for it ever since word spread that there would be another Dissidia game.  When the japanese version came out, regardless whether one could read and understand hiragana, katakana, and kanji, one would still have found a way to play the game and would have relied on walkthroughs and FAQs to understand the story.

And then the European release was leaked.  Ah, the joyous moment when people didn’t have to wait much longer and they immediately downloaded the leaked game.  The english version of the game had finally arrived.  North American release or not, they didn’t care as long as they could play and understand the game and its story.

Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy is the prequel to Dissidia Final Fantasy–both games are for the PlayStation Portable system.

Gameplay-wise, Duodecim’s (which is the latin for the word “twelve”)  gameplay is very similar to the original’s, featuring all of the original gameplay elements, characters and arenas.  Fighters will attack to steal Bravery from their opponents, which increases their own, as a character lands Bravery attacks.  By reducing an opponent’s Bravery below zero, they can inflict Break status, preventing the opponent from inflicting Bravery or HP damage until their Bravery regenerated to a base amount,  while the one who inflicted break gets a large boost in Bravery from the Map. When an HP attack connects with the opponent, they take damage equal to the attacking player’s Bravery.  By collecting EX Force characters can enter EX Mode, boosting their strength, adding exclusive abilities and letting them execute EX Bursts similar to Limit Breaks. New summons, arenas, music tracks and characters will be included.

One of the main new gameplay features is the Assist system, which allows characters to call an ally into battle to attack, allowing new combos to be created by chaining the moves of two characters in different fashions. The Assist system acts as a counterbalance mechanic to the EX Mode system, as landing an Assist attack can deplete the opponent’s EX gauge. The EX gauge can also be utilized to execute a new technique titled “EX Revenge” which will slows down the opponent’s movement for several seconds at the cost of consuming the EX gauge without entering EX Mode. Several characters have gained new attacks since the original Dissidia, and several returning moves have had their properties changed. Firion, Kefka, and Shantotto in particular have been stated to be heavily rebalanced. Several other small tweaks will be implemented as well. A character’s HP can now exceed the normal limit of 9999 – Characters have been shown to be able to exceed even over 99,999 HP meaning the new HP Limit could be 999,999. However, no gameplay shown proven of this yet, and if these new heights in HP could even be obtainable without cheating.

The extra damage dealt by Wall Rush has been reduced to 25% of the base damage from 50%. Chase Sequences are much faster and absorbs the EX force around you when you enter chase or continue the chase.Critical Hits now do 2x times the normal damage instead of 5x times.

Another major new addition is the “RPG Mode” for battle. Switching to this from the traditional “Action Mode” aims to turn combat into something more accessible to players of traditional RPGs by taking over movement and providing a persistent lock-on. Players are thus allowed to focus on attacking and defending, allowing newcomers to learn the game’s mechanics in stages. The feature will also feature on-screen suggestions to help players learn the nuances of combat. The game will also have a tournament mode where multiple players can battle, and a Watch Mode will be added to allow players who are not participating in current battles to watch them on their PSP. A new battle mode called “Party Battle” allows a sequence of five battles to be fought between two parties of five characters. The characters can be assigned profiles based on the Job System to help them in battle, such as Black Mages receiving a boost to the power of magic attacks.

Dissidia 012 will feature a story structure similar to the Destiny Odysseys of the original game, and will include the ability to play as the warriors of Chaos as well. The story mode utilizes a different method of storyline gameplay than the original Dissidia. A world map is used rather than tiled boards, and players are able to form parties and wander the world freely. However, when the player enters a dungeon, the gameplay is reverted to that of the board of the first Dissidia. You can use skills in dungeons like straight chain, which sets up in the player’s line of sight (specifically a cross around the player) in a chain of battles. Complete the chain and you’ll earn extra KP or Kupo Points. You can use Kupo Points to buy items from moogles on the world map. Before entering a dungeon players have a choice to lower their level. If you complete a dungeon below the bonus line limit you’ll earn bonuses such as extra KP and items. Player levels are restored after leaving a dungeon.

The map shown in scans appears to be based on the map for the original Final Fantasy. Depending on the story mode being played, players can either form their own parties or have their parties pre-determined – other mechanics of the party system are currently unknown. The “Skills” command returns. Treasure chests, enemies, shops and other features can be encountered on the map. The enemy system is similar to Final Fantasy XII orFinal Fantasy XIII, where enemies are visible on the map and approaching one initiates battle.  Enemy will be able to attack and the player while on the world map, as shown in the Jump Festa Trailer. If, however, the player attacks the enemy, the enemy’s initial bravery at the start of the subsequent battle will be zero, effectively allowing the player a preemptive strike. Other in-battle mechanics, such as Quickmove, will be included on the World Map gameplay. Players will also be able to create their own scenarios using creation mode. Tetsuya Nomura has stated that it will take around 60 hours to beat the game.

Save data from the original Dissidia will be able to be transferred to Dissidia 012, such as character levels and as a bonus, you will receive a special accessory. The storyline of the original Dissidia, adapted to the new story gameplay mechanics, will be playable after the new storyline of Dissidia 012 has been completed. The originalDissidia storyline is in order by which Warrior of Cosmos obtained their crystal first, beginning with Cloud (Easy) to the Warrior of Light (Hard), however, any story can be played in any order.

Anyways, if you are interested on playing this game, you will need a 5.00m33-6 Prom-4 or 5.50Gen-D3 Prom-4 CFW as well as the ISO or CSO files.  Below you can download the ISO and CSO files.  Thanks to the original uploader for these files.

ISO (1.5GB):


CSO (915MB) :

Part 1: http://www.fileserve.com/file/yxhJfj3/DDFF.part1.rar
Part 2: http://www.fileserve.com/file/eWPA2zj/DDFF.part2.rar
Part 3: http://www.fileserve.com/file/fs7K37e/DDFF.part3.rar

The password is “RA”  (without the quotations).

Enjoy the game and, if you like it, please buy the original.  Until the next update, dream on; fly on!

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