Day 34: Mean Girls

Ah, critics, flamers, and haters.  How they love to hate and make unnecessary comments that are neither helpful or productive.  They are those people who needs to get a life.  It’s impossible not to come across them, they are everywhere and they will come at you when you are trying to reach for a dream, or when you are living the life that you want, or perhaps when you are getting better and becoming the best in something.  They will make you feel like you don’t deserve it, that you’re not good enough and they won’t try to help you become better.  They would want nothing less than you feeling sorry for yourself.

But you shouldn’t listen to those people who, as I have said, need to get a life.  It is with that thought in mind that I decided to post Mean Girls as the thirty-fourth song in our hundred-music challenge.  It is a song sung by Sugarland.

You deserve those things that you have worked hard for to attain.  You deserve the things that you have poured all your efforts into attaining.  And they shouldn’t tell you otherwise.  Let them speak behind your back, but never let their words hurt you.  They are the ones who are wasting their time.  They are the ones who are not going anywhere.

As much as we would not like to admit it, we have that “Crab Mentality”.  Filipinos have that thinking where, when one is getting ahead of you, you just have that reflex-sort of thing that tells you to pull the person down, instead of helping the person become better.  It’s sad, but it’s the truth.  There are those of us who are trying to break free of the habit, and are succeeding.  And then, there are those who enjoy doing it.  Enjoy being “mean girls”.

But I say, to hell with them.

Live the life you want, love the life you live.  Don’t listen to people who have nothing but hurtful words to say to you, they don’t matter.  What matters is what you think about yourself.  What life you want to live and how you can be a better person.   In the end, what those insignificant people think won’t matter because you would have reached the top, reached your dreams and they would still be lying there, dragging as many people as they can down.

Besides, it is not their opinion that should matter.  It’s God’s opinion on you that you should worry about.

The lyrics for this song’s down below.  Until the next post, dream on; fly on!

(Ready, OK)

Mean girls
Well, I ain’t a mean girl
But I’ve known a few
They’ll make you cry, baby
And then blame it on you
They’ll hate you if you’re pretty
They’ll hate you if you’re not
They’ll hate you for what you lack, baby
Then they’ll hate you for what you’ve got

Mean girls, scratchin’ and spitting
Mean girls, can’t be forgiven
Mean girls, make mean women
Mean girls

It starts on the playground pulling your hair
Then in high school it gets worse from there
You’ll see em coming, they travel in packs
Smile to your face, baby, while stabbing your back
If they ain’t out a-prowling, creeping down the hall
You’ll find em by the lockers, baby
Sharpening their claws

Mean girls, start em young
Mean girls, forked tongue
Mean girls, see em and run
Mean girls

Mean girls

Sugar and spice and everything nice
Thinks she hot but she’s cold as ice
First comes love then comes marriage
Then comes her Mama with another little wannabe

Mean girls, full of hate
Mean girls, just can’t wait
Mean girls, to take your date

Mean girls, make stuff up
Mean girls, just bad luck
Mean girls, stink

Mean girls, best friends forever
Mean girls, almost never
Mean girls, whatever

Mean girls

Hey, mean girls

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