Oaths and Trainings and…Bombs?

I won’t keep this long, I’m just going to post this to let everyone know that the 533rd and 442nd chapters of Naruto and BLEACH are now up and available for reading on our Online Manga Viewer Page.  Not only that but Detective Conan has a new case for us with it’s most recent chapter, File 771.

This week’s Naruto chapter is entitled “An Oath” and follows up on Chouji’s reluctance to fight against Azuma.  However, Chouji–with the help of his father, Chouzu and his teammates and friends Shikamaru and Ino–finally sees reason to fight.  In this chapter, we get to see a glimpse of the past as Chouji remembers his oath.  Not only that, Chouji shows off, in the final panel of this chapter, his strength and determination by calling forth wings without the aid of pills.  Unlike the previous chapters, this one is more interesting.

As for BLEACH, we have such a long title for this bleach chapter which is “Battlefield Shallows, Overfield Abyss“.  Yeah, weird title, I know.  Anyways, this chapter is pretty short although it leaves us with things to ponder about.

Ichigo has continued with his training, surprising his current “enemy” (training partner) by his speed.  Meanwhile, Chad and Inoue talk about what had occurred before and Orihime tells Chad that she somehow, for a moment, thought that Tsukushima was her friend, or that he reminded her of someone from a distant past.  This surprises Chad, who seem to know more about what’s happening that he’s putting on.  Meanwhile, Tsukushima ominously tells his “underling” (forgot the name, XD) that they don’t need to face off with Orihime saying that she has been taken care of and had began to ponder which of the two–Ichigo or Chad–would he confront next and how Ginjou would feel if he lays a hand on Ichigo.

As for Detective Conan, well, we have another case in which Conan has to help Ran and Sera, as well as Detective Mouri, when they are currently being kept hostages in Mouri’s Detective Agency office by a man who wants Mouri to solve the crime and tell him who killed his sister.  It’s a pretty interesting chapter, so just read it.  (Yeah, I don’t have much time to talk about it right now).

Anyways, just read the chapters on our online manga viewer.

Until the next post, dream on; fly on!

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