Double Idol Elimination

Last week, the judges used their save, saving Casey Abrams from the end of his idol journey. The audience were ecstatic, they always are whenever the save is used. However, with the judges having used their save, it was inevitable that Idol would be sending two Idol contestants home today during their Double Idol Elimination.

Before the mini-heart-attack-inducing announcement as to who these two unfortunate dreamers are, the contestants, instead of doing what many thought of as silly, quirky, and lip-synched, group performance, they went singing in duos and trios before Ryan announces if they are safe or are in the bottom three.

First up was Lauren and Scotty, both of whom are favorites of mine.  They sang “I Told You So” by Randy Travis.  They were followed by Naima and Jacob, an odd pair to put together, who sang “Solid as a Rock” by Ashford & Simpsons.  Then Thia, Haley, and Pia sang Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” which, for once, showcased Pia’s ability to sing songs other than ballads.  The final group to perform were Paul, Casey, Stefano, and James who sang “Band on the Run” (originally sung by Wings).

In the end, however, the bottom three were Paul, Naima, and Thia.

Despite my fervent wishes that it would be Paul who would be sent home.  My prayers were not answered as, instead of Paul and Stefano, it was Naima and Thia–the oldest and the youngest Idol contestants–who were sent packing.

I understand why Thia, despite having been able to sing better than before, was taken out of the competition and why Naima, entertaining as she may be and daring with her song choices, were voted off.  I think America is still living in the whole “racist” circle where they don’t want anyone who isn’t a full American to win or get far in the competition.

What I don’t understand is how the hell do people find Paul’s voice to be amazing?  It’s not.  I question why Randy doesn’t tell him that he is pitchy when Paul is more than just pitchy!  There’s nothing interesting any Paul isn’t even Idol-material.  Do they honestly think that his weird movements on stage and his smile would let him win?  Come on, America, what the hell?

I am peeved that they sent Naima home (not so much with Thia, she has a nice voice but she’s lacking the emotional depth to connect with the audience) and that the judges had used their save on Casey when they could have used it for Scotty, Lauren, Pia, and even Naima.

Oh well, at least Naima and Thia both get to go on tour.  If either of them had been cut last week, they wouldn’t have been a part of the Idol summer tour.  It’s kind of sad that there won’t be any new iTunes songs coming from them for a while, I really enjoyed listening to them sing, especially Naima.

Until the next post, dream on; fly on!

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