Dirty Boots Dangers

I really find it amusing.  The chapters of each and every BLEACH manga, I mean.  Unlike the usual uber-long-almost-describing-what-the-chapter-is titles that most manga chapters have, BLEACH always makes us have interesting (and weird titles) that sometimes do not have anything to do with the actual content of the chapter.  Not that I’m talking about this week’s chapter title.  It actually tells a lot about the chapter…read the actual manga chapter and you’ll see. XD

Dirty Boots Dangers page 17However, I am pretty sad to say that this chapter isn’t as “pumped up” as the previous chapters.  It’s like we have  a bit of a switch between Naruto and BLEACH.  This chapter, chapter 443 is still a continuation of Ichigo’s training.

Ichigo learns the capacity of his current fullbring and utilizes it against his enemy. And that, basically, is it.

Yep, it’s a pretty boring chapter.  *sigh*

Although it delves a bit on the explanation of Ichigo’s current “techniques”.  It may prove interesting to some, but for me it’s just another bland chapter.

You can read this chapter on over our online manga viewer.

Oh well, I’m still waiting for DCTP to release the latest case file on Detective Conan.  Until the next post, dream on; fly on!

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