Iruka’s Persuasion

Naruto is finally heading off to war!!  Unless, of course, someone else tries to stop him.

Naruto's DeterminationLast week’s chapter showed Naruto and Iruka “facing off” as Iruka is the one charged with making sure that Naruto doesn’t get out of the island and head out to battle.  In this chapter, however, we see Naruto showing the Leaf Ninja just what he can do and how he couldn’t be restrained by any of the Leaf’s techniques (for the moment).

Iruka, however, seems to know that it would be futile to stop Naruto from doing what Naruto thinks is right, and so he wrote a letter addressed to Naruto asking him for one thing:  to come back alive.

What awaits Naruto as he makes his way to a war, is something that we don’t know yet.  A group of Shinobi may be waiting for him, and would probably stop him from leaving the island and its safety.  Of course, we can only speculate at this point but this chapter (Chapter 535: Iruka’s Persuasion), is a chapter that most people have been waiting for.

You can read this chapter via our online manga viewer.

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