The Return of the Shinigami?!

After a very “Meh” chapter from last week, BLEACH does a comeback with its four-hundred and forty-forth chapter, The Rising.

Chad and Ginjou's DiscussionIn this chapter Ginjou and Chad discuss Tsukushima’s powers and if there is a possibility that his powers have evolved and that it is his powers that are causing Orihime confusion.

Also in this chapter, Ichigo continues his training which led  to his Shinigami Badge and his Fullbring to change.  The change, which was believed to be the Fullbring going berserk, transforms Ichigo back into a Shinigami!

Yes, folks!  You read that right!  Shinigami Ichigo is back!!  Although, what that entails to the current progression of the story is still a bit hazy…Will Ichigo regain all of his powers?  Can he see the other Shinigami again?  And all those other questions are still unanswerable as of the moment.

Ichigo's Fullbring goes berserk?!Meanwhile, while Ichigo is going Shinigami, Tsukushima arrives at Ginjo’s place and proceeds to hack-and-slash the small box that was acting as Ichigo’s training grounds.  Of course, what happened after he did so caused Tsukushima and the rest of the gang to be surprised because standing before them is Shinigami Ichigo…And he is pretty pissed off.

Well, that’s it for this chapter.  Things are surely going to become more interesting now and I can’t wait to read the next chapter.  Until then, you can read The Rising on our VIS Online Manga Viewer.

Having said that, see you in the next post.  Dream on; Fly on!

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