The Wednesday Before Holy Thursday

So, it’s the day before the long weekend.  A day before Holy Thursday.  Most people are already on their way to the province, to be with their family and celebrate the Holy Week.  The thing is, how we celebrate the Holy Week is different now than how people used to do it back then.

Holy WeekNow, when we have the “long weekend” that encompasses the holiest week in the church’s calendar, people are thinking more about family or barkada outings rather than contemplating about God’s love and his sacrifice.  Instead of observing the week with reverence, most people are out partying like it’s the end of the world or something.  They couldn’t–for the life of them–wait until Easter Sunday to actually celebrate.  It’s kind of sad considering that our country is known to be one of the most religious countries in the world (which makes it even more ironic that we are also one of the most corrupt countries in the world).

Can’t we show a little bit of respect for Holy Thursday and Good Friday?  Can’t we at least sacrifice those two days in order to reflect on God’s love and kindness, his mercy and his compassion?

This week is, in my opinion, the most important week in the church’s calendar.  Why?  Because it is during this week that all the preparations, all the prophecies, all of God’s planning had paid off.  This is the week where our savior, the messiah, the Christ went through all the pain, humiliation, and suffering in order to save us from the darkness of sin.  This is the week that made the difference.

Why then can we not show respect for it?  Why must we act the way the apostles acted when Jesus asked them to stay awake with him in the Garden of Gethsemane?  Why must we think of it as nothing more than another holiday when it is definitely something more?

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