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It’s Maundy Thursday, folks.  And, even though that seems to be the case, we still have a couple of manga updates for you guys today and even an American Idol episode later (where Pia will sing with the rest of the voted-off contestants!).

Anyways, since Naruto has not yet been uploaded at this moment, let’s first take a look at BLEACH.

Ichigo meets TsukushimaThis week’s chapter features Ichigo in his Shinigami-Fullbring mode fighting against Tsukushima.  Ichigo now knows that Tsukushima was the one who attacked Orihime and Ishida.  However, before Tsukushima could say what really happened to Ichigo’s friends, Chad stops him (and blows a giant hole in the wall in the process).

Of course, in the end, Chad was the one who blurts out what it was he was trying to stop Tsukushima from saying (honestly, you can predict that happening even before it happens.  That move is so clichéd).  Ichigo, however, understood why Ginjo and Chad tried to hide the truth from him–which was to protect him.

Big hole in the wallIchigo’s not too happy about Tsukushima hurting his friends, though.  Which resulted in him fighting against Tsukushima and surprising everyone with how well he could control his Fullbring.

Ichigo’s control, however, is not enough and Ginjo had to step in to stop Ichigo from getting bested by Tsukushima.

The curious thing about this chapter is what Tsukushima was going to say with regards to Ichigo’s friends whom he had attacked.  I’m guessing it’s something big what with Orihime’s confusion and the way Chad reacted.

Oh, well…we’ll have to wait a couple more chapters before we can find out, though.  I’m also excited about seeing the other Shinigami as well, particularly Rukia (who, by the way, is my fave character along with Ichigo).

You can read this chapter (Dark Beat) by heading on over our Online Manga Viewer.

Until the next post, dream on; fly on!

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