The Lost Tower

What would you get if you put a rogue puppet master bent for world domination, a seal that can cause time travelling when broken, a queen in need of some protection, and an orange-and-black-motif-loud-mouthed ninja?  Well, you would get the fourth movie of the Naruto Shippuuden anime series.

The Lost TowerThe fourth Shippuuden movie is entitled “The Lost Tower” and it starts of with the new Team 7 (Naruto, Sakura, Sai, and Yamato) fighting against a rogue puppet master who is hell bent on using some ancient ruin to harness incredible power that would prove catastrophic to the Naruto-verse.  Instead of being able to accomplish their mission by apprehending said rogue ninja and keeping the seal intact, the seal gets broken and Naruto and Yamato finds themselves sucked into a pillar of light that sends them twenty years prior to the start of the Naruto series.

There, Naruto meets his father (who, at this point of the series where this movie is set, Naruto doesn’t know is his father), the Fourth Hokage, Minato (who is also not yet a Hokage at this time).

It appears that Minato’s team (which includes Shino’s father and Chouji’s father, as well as a young Kakashi) was sent to the hidden leaf to put a stop to the rogue ninja who also happens to have been sent back to the past (although said rogue ninja arrived 6 years prior to Naruto’s arrival to the past).

Naruto and Minato--Super RasengaN!Minato, believing Naruto’s story of time travel, gives Naruto the task of protecting the Queen who is a target for assassination.

I honestly didn’t like this movie for a bunch of reason.  The only reason that I did like it is because I get to see Minato.  Seriously, I find the whole story slightly stupid and canon to the whole series because it leaves a lot to be desired and it leaves a lot of plot holes for the entire series.

First off, I find it a bit redundant that Naruto always has to protect one female character that would never appear in the series ever again during these movies.  I also find it slightly annoying that, since this seems like it was set after Jiraiya’s death but prior to Naruto being sent for training, Naruto should be, at least, a wee bit stronger and should be able to use the Kyuubi’s chakra.  Granted, he uses it but only for somewhere around five to ten seconds…IN THE WHOLE MOVIE!  Seriously, do they really need to make Naruto THAT week and unable to use the Kyuubi’s chakra?

Naruto and the PuppetsSecond, what is up with the Queen having to rip her clothes like that?  She didn’t need to do that and it actually didn’t add any drama to the whole scene.  It just made me go: Oh.  Okay…

Third, Minato realizes that Naruto is his son from the future.  Naruto guesses, after a hint from Minato that Minato could be his father.  But, for Minato to know about the who Naruto is, he had to see the Rasengan a couple of times.  He wasn’t surprised when Naruto used it in front of him before, but then, suddenly, when Naruto uses it again, he is now surprised.  Remember, twenty years prior to the story the only two people who are able to use the Rasengan are Minato (who developed said technique) and Jiraiya.  My qualm with this is that Minato should have been surprised the first time around and asked Naruto how he could have known the technique.  Oh, sure.  Minato is sharper than our hero but it would be more believable if Minato set Naruto aside and asked him about it.  I doubt it would have changed history much if Naruto told him that it was his teacher who taught him.

That whole changing-the-history thing is kind of lose as well since in the end, Minato went and wiped everyone’s memories of what had happened.  So, yeah…there really wasn’t any point in hiding anything if he was just going to do that in the end.

Also, in this movie, we finally see the Naruto-version of the Father-and-Son technique (Dragon Ball Z, anyone?) in the form of (you will find the technique’s name pretty dumb) the…Super Rasengan.

Yes.  You read that right.  The Father-and-Son technique.  The combined Rasengan of Minato and Naruto is called the Super Rasengan.  Super Rasengan.  Seriously!  Where the hell is the creativity?!

Several times I had even thought about just ditching the whole movie because it was predictable and it..well…sort of a ‘meh’ for me.

It doesn’t have much entertainment factor to it.  The humor is bland, if not lacking.  There are holes in the plot.  The Queen is pretty pathetic and was useless most of the time.  The townspeople have cheesy lines that made me gag and facepalm myself.  And the screen times of Sakura, Sai, and young Kakashi (even Tsunade) is almost non-existent…three to five minutes at most.

I’m not sure if this is just me losing interest over Naruto (which, let’s face it, just keeps dragging on and on), but I didn’t find the movie all that.  Sure it generated a buzz because of the fact that Naruto gets to meet his father while his father is still alive.  The downside?  He didn’t actually know Minato is his father at that time and they didn’t even have any bonding time (unless you include that minute or two before Naruto  got sent back to the present).

Sadly, this movie leaves a lot to be desired.  They could have done a lot more to it.  I mean, come on, Minato rarely shows up in the manga or the anime with Naruto (he actually just shows himself once when talking to Naruto!), they could have at least given both of them more screen time together!

Hardcore fans would probably be ecstatic about it or something…

Let’s just hope that when the next movie comes rolling in, it would be better (like the Bonds movie) and not so much of a canon or a filler-arc-ish one hour and twenty five minutes show like this one ended up.

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