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When Ryan Seacrest went on ahead with his scripted: “Dim the lights, here we go” routine on American Idol, viewers of the said show held their breaths like they were underwater and like their life depended on it.  Everyone was at the edge of their seats.  This was THE night, especially for us McLaina fans.  We have wanted a McLaina finale since McLaina was conceived on the show.  We wanted a country star to be born from the Idol stage and we got our wish tonight when Lauren and Scotty got through to the finale and became the Top 2 vying for the title of “American Idol”.

It was already a given that Scotty McCreery would sail through to the finale.  That he would be the first half of the Top 2.  The question on everyone’s mind tonight was whether it would be Lauren Alaina or Haley Reinhart.

Let’s be honest, we McLaina fans tried to remain positive.  We didn’t let negativity sip through our tight-knit group. ..too much.   We did have doubts and wondered if our votes did enough to ensure the finale that we most coveted.  We even got ready for the possibility of Haley getting through and having a duel with Scotty.  If that had been the result tonight, then it would be a hands-down Scotty win because we swore that we will bury Haley to the ground with a monstrosity of a landslide vote.  Yeah, that’s what we would have called “Vengeance”.

We didn’t have to resort to that since Lauren won over Haley.

Even though we are practically partying with that result, bitter people chose to dis on these two amazing country singers saying that neither of them actually has talent and that the reason they got through was because the show was rigged.  What’s more, they’re saying that country music sucks.

Well, let me say something to these people who couldn’t get a life and move on.

Do you know why Haley got sent home?  Because she has a smaller fan-base.  She got sent home because more people voted for Lauren and Scotty.  It’s that plain and simple.

You may be asking why they would vote for two country singers to duke it out next week.  That’s really simple.  Because they want one!  They want a finale that would feature two country singers!  They want these two kids to get through to the finale not just because they look hot (Scotty) and cute (Lauren) but because they have the right attitude, the passion, and the heart.  They wanted someone to represent America’s “next big thing” who does not only knows how to sing and loves doing it but who also has faith in God.

I mean, how many contestants have there been in idol–how many finalists–who stayed true to who they are, who didn’t get arrogant, who showed the world what they truly are, and who didn’t hide the fact that they worship God?  Not so much.

Lauren and Scotty aren’t self-centered.  They don’t act like they own the world and they take whatever the judges say as constructive criticisms.  These “judges” have been in the industry far longer than they have been and they know that these people are wise enough to advise them on what they need to do.

Scotty McCreeryEver since Hollywood week, people have fallen in love with Scotty McCreery (I know that is true for me) when he felt so bad about not being able to stick up for JayCee and “not being the man I should have been” as he said when the judges interviewed him prior to the Top 24 shows.  When Gaga mentored them last week, Scotty couldn’t bare to look at Gaga and even had that whole “cross moment” and that “pray for everyone” thing he and Randy shared.   That’s a sign of good character.  That’s a sign of someone who has integrity–who would stay true to himself and not let the call of fame force him to change and be someone whom he is not.

Ever since Lauren Alaina was dubbed “The One” by Steven Tyler, people were wondering if she really would be the one.  If Steven Tyler’s prediction would come true.  The girl has talent but people seem to see the lack of confidence that Lauren sometimes shows in the…show.  They believe that Lauren isn’t ready for it since she couldn’t take the pressure (check the results show when she was in the Bottom 2).  They think that she isn’t as great a singer.  But she is.  She has the pipes that makes her seem like a mixture of a younger Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson.  The thing that people like about Lauren (apart from her voice, of course) is that she inspires people.  She’s sweet and funny and, like Scotty, she is who she is.  What America sees is the real her.

People say that she’s a crybaby and that her showing her emotion is a bad thing.  But, I don’t see it that way (and I think the others will agree with me on this).  I see it as someone who wears her heart on her sleeves.  Someone who doesn’t care about ruining her mascara or something insignificant like that.  Her personality make people love her and make them look up to her.

I won’t argue with people when they say that Haley can sing.  It isn’t her voice that most of us have qualms about.  It her personality.  It, quite honestly, sucks.  I mean, how could you possibly like someone who smiles when someone gets voted off?  How can you possibly like someone who is arrogant?  How could you possibly like and want to be represented by someone who is rude?

Maybe Haley is misunderstood, but the way most of us saw it, she didn’t show any type of remorse when she ends up insulting (albeit subtlety) someone.  She didn’t apologize for the rude comment she made last night and neither did she apologize to the judges (particularly Randy) when she cut him off.  I don’t particularly like Randy but that was rude of her.  The guy’s been in the business far longer than she had been singing on that Idol stage.

I think people should remember that American Idol not only looks at the voices.  They look at the whole package.

On the point of country music.  I don’t understand how people could possibly hate country music.  Country music have soul!  It has a story!  It has what the world sorely lacks now-a-days in music: morals!

Country music speaks from the heart.  These are songs that makes you see past the bad things.  These are songs that lets you speak your mind.  These are the songs that never (if not rarely) have insults on them.  Country music transcends gender or race.  It isn’t racist.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with country music.

I know that this sounds like a rant, but seriously, those haters just have to let it go and move on, find a life or something meaningful to do with their lives than dissing out on these bright stars.  Jealousy is a sickness, you know.

I’m glad about the turnout of the results show.  I’m glad Lauren and Scotty made it through.  I’m glad that the 4-something hours of voting I did (for Lauren) paid off.  I wasn’t going to watch American Idol this year since (1) Simon’s no longer in the show and (2) I didn’t like the last season at all.  But, I am glad that I did.  I’m glad that I was (in a way) introduced to Lauren and Scotty.  They have become my inspiration to reaching my dream and to staying true to who I am.

No matter what happens next week in the Finale, I know the rest of us (Team McLaina) are already proud of them anyway.

Dream on; Fly on!

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