New Chapters Up! FictionSpace Down!

Alright, I’m working on updating my website this weekend (if I still have time, considering that we will be heading to Manila again this weekend).  And that update includes various things such as a new interface/design and the scrapping of the FictionSpace site that I have.

You may be wondering why I had taken down said website.  The answer lies with the sole reason that it is just taking space in my account without being able to accomplish what it was meant to accomplish–host stories, not just those that I have written myself but those that other people who want someplace to post their stories.  Since it isn’t living up to the expectations and such, I decided to take it down.  So, bye-bye Fictionspace.

Bleach 449: Not Be A DrugNow that that little bit of info is out of the way, I would like to inform you guys that the new chapters of Bleach and Naruto are already up at the VIS OMV.  Both are interesting chapters that seem to be building up into something (let’s just hope that I’m right about that).  I won’t go and spoil everything that’s in the chapter but here’s a little bit of tidbit about these latest releases.

In Bleach and it’s chapter 449: Not Be A Drug, Ichigo’s training continues but this time, Orihime and Chad are in the simulation as well.  Orihime is there to heal Ichigo while Chad is there for his own training.  Meanwhile, as Ichigo trains and tries to bring out the full capabilities of his Fullbring, his father and Urahara as well as a mysterious Shinigami who I am guessing is Rukia is up to something that concerns Ichigo’s powers.  What’s more, something happened to Chad during the previous battle with Tsukushima that makes him desire training.  As all of this is happening, danger seems to be just around the corner.

Naruto 540: Madara's StrategyNaruto’s 540th chapter, entitled Madara’s Strategy deals with the Ninja Alliance learning about–as the chapter’s title suggests–Madara’s strategy to defeat them during the night.  Neji’s impostor tries to kill Sakura but Sakura sees through the ruse and was able to identify that it is indeed an impostor.  She is also the one who uncovers the truth behind the attacks.  Naruto and Bee are still on their way to the  war zone but now two people stand in their way: The Hokage and Bee’s brother!

Also, we get to see a little bit of a “glimpse” of the upcoming Naruto Shippuden movie entitled Blood Prison that’s coming out in Japan on the thirtieth of July.  I’m not sure what this new movie is about but hopefully it isn’t as bland and as much of a disappointment as the previous movie.

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