A New Case Starts!

After that whole “Ayumi Kidnapping” case, we get to see Heiji again and this time it’s a battle between the east and the west as Sera issues a challenge to both Conan-slash-Shinichi and Heiji after Kazuha calls and notifies them of a murder case.

In this seven-hundred-and-seventy-eight chapter, Heiji comes to visit bringing with him some sort of news that gets lost when Kazuha, who was supposed to be with him but who had went to a family curry place to buy what her mother had asked her to buy (a curry powder from said shop), calls and tells them that someone was just found dead at the family curry place.  Sera, who had asked who between Shinichi and Heiji is the better detective then gives them both a challenge to finally settle which of them is the greatest detective.

Detective Conan Manga

In this chapter, suspicions about Sera arises not only from fellow readers of the manga series, but also to the FBI agent, Camel, who seems to find something familiar about Sera.  Is it possible that Camel has met Sera before?  Just who is Sera and what is her role in all of this?  How does she know that Conan and Shinichi are one and the same person?  And, more importantly, who is the better detective?

This new file, entitled Which One Is The Great(er) Detective is the start to (hopefully) finding all the answers to those questions.   You can read this chapter by heading on over to our OMV page.

Watch out for the other manga updates coming your way.  Next up, Naruto and Bleach!  Until the next post, dream on; fly on!

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