Naruto Fights; Ichigo Trains

And…we’re back at a stalemate in the Naruto Manga series.

Seriously.  You would have thought that they would get on with it!  But, no.  Sure, the Raikage and Naruto exchange some blows (okay, so it was more like the Raikage punched Naruto and Naruto blocked) while Tsunade and Bee gawked before Bee decides to interfere…but, just when things were getting good we end up getting served with the Raikage and Bee’s past…and you can bet that it would continue on to the next chapter.  And here I was hoping for some “Rawr” action from Naruto after the Raikage bad-mouthed Minato.

Bleach and Naruto Manga Updates

Meanwhile, we get to see Orihime acting like (as Riruka put it) someone with a loose screw.  While Ichigo battles…err…trains with Ginjo, she and Riruka go and have an “alomst” heart-to-heart talk…while eating donuts…inside a game world…and yeah, while Ichigo and Ginjo duke it out.  Should I even say how bonkers that is?  Hmm…maybe not so much after all that’s happened in the world of Bleach.

Anyways, so Ichigo and Ginjo continue to fight…err…train.  Okay, that’s it.  I’m just going to say that they are fighting since after what Ginjo does on the last page, it is more like a duel to the death than a fight.  There.

So, Ichigo and Ginjo fights, all the while Ichigo wonders why he can’t feel Ginjo’s soul.  And just when he has come to a conclusion that it may be because he doesn’t trust Ginjo yet…Ginjo goes and tells Ichigo to stop letting his mind wander and then he goes and slashes Ichigo at the face.  More specifically, slashes him at the eyes…leaving Ichigo blind…and, he doesn’t let Orihime heal Ichigo this time around.

You can read more about this demented training and the Oh-my-God-why-did-Kishimoto-do-that chapter on our OMV.

So, that’s it for this week’s manga updates.  Tune in again next week for the continuation of these manga chapters (including Detective Conan, which is–right now–far more interesting than Naruto…huh, who would have thunk that?).

Until the next post, dream on; fly on!

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