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Ever since American Idol began, I’m pretty sure a lot of people instantly fell in-love with this season’s youngest contestants: Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina.  When they got pass Hollywood Week and sailed straight through the live shows, people liked them even more.  When it’s down to the wire, people began to see the chemistry between the two, and so, McLaina was formed.

We know they’ve been denying it (well, Scotty has been saying over and over again that Lauren’s like a sister to him over the course of his interviews), but there is an underlying fact that fans loved them both and that…we, fans, can get crazy…sometimes.  Well, what we see is different from what Scotty and Lauren are both saying and, like all fans, there’s bound to be some fanfiction being written about the two.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people are searching for it, so I decided to make this short list of McLaina fanfictions.  Note that it’s really a short list because…well, not many people are writing fanfiction about these two and, what I have decided to write down here are the good ones.

Be reminded that these are fanfictions.  Meaning, they were written by fans for the fans and that some, or most–if not all–of the events that these stories have are fictional.  Meaning, they aren’t true…or they can be true but we have no way of proving it.  After all, they don’t really show what happens behind the walls of the American Idol Mansion.

But, enough of that.  The list.  I know.  People are craving for The List.  This list, by the way, is not ordered.  Meaning, I didn’t rank them.  Some people don’t seem to know the different between an ordered and unordered list (difference between bullets and numbered bullets).

Lauren finds Scotty looking up at the sky on a Saturday night, and decides to join him.  This is a one-shot fanfic.  It’s actually pretty good but kind of short (okay, not ‘kind of’, it really is short) and leaves you wanting for more.  According to the author, this fanfic came to him/her when he/she saw Scotty’s tweet.  The title, not-so-coincidentally, is the tweet that the author mentions.

This one starts of just before the Top 3 go back to their hometowns for their Hero’s Welcome.  It’s your typical admitting-feelings fanfic.  It has some typos, which is understandable.  The story is pretty good, too.  Chapters are a bit short, which may or may not be good to some people.  There are also some mistakes in the story (like what Lauren sang, which the author had said was “Always” when, in fact, it was “Anyway”).  Still, a good read if you want some McLaina.  It’s still on-going, though.

What can I say about this one?  This one’s a fanfic that’s set during the final results show of American Idol…with a little bit of flashback.  I don’t know how much of this actually  happened during the result show since…well, I wasn’t there in person and the Cameraman was being an idiot with the shots…so…just read.  This fanfic is good, but it could have also been great.

This is actually a pretty entertaining fanfic.  I laughed when I read the line that goes: After two hours of singing, dancing, videos, J-Lo’s butt, Spiderman almost killing audience members and Steven Tyler’s solid 63-year old performance, it was now down to announce the winner. This is an interesting take on the backstage of American Idol and on the finale.  I would have to say that this is among my fave McLaina fanfics…even though it was Cheesy to the end. XD


Now, the following fanfics are from the Idol Fanfiction boards.  You have to sign-up and be a member in order to read them.


Not really sure what this fanfic is all about.  All I can say is that it seems pretty interesting (read only the first part, though) and people will agree that how the author portrayed Scotty is right on the mark.  I’ll be sure to keep reading this, though, when I have enough free time (as of now, I’m at work and only doing this during my 15-minute break).

Another pre-finale results fanfic.  This is actually a pretty good story and I enjoyed reading this.  It stays true to the character while also adding some fictional events in it…or maybe not-so-fictional since, like I’ve said, I only watched the show on TV and I don’t know if the things mentioned here actually happened in real life.

A short future fic.  Just another slice of life fic, too.  Read if you enjoy reading fanfics that are set into the future.

Another future fic.  This one is about Scotty coming home from the tour to see his wife.  I don’t need to say who said wife is, do I?  Anyways, this one’s pretty good too.

It’s summertime, and Lauren and Scotty’s families both decide to rent lakehouses just outside of Nashville so that they can focus on family bonding while the duo record their albums in the studios. Meanwhile, Lauren and Scotty’s friendship evolves into much more than a budding romance as they spend the majority of their time together out by the lake.

Another future fic.  In this fanfic, Scotty and his daughter Grace goes fishing and he contemplates on what life has brought him–a wonderful family.  A bit sappy to some but it’s a pretty nice story.

A story of how Scotty found himself falling for Lauren.  Not exactly a story from the beginning kind of fanfic, but it’s pretty well-written and entertaining to read.  Well, this one’s actually more of a trip down memory lane of the kisses that both Scotty and Lauren had shared…

A confession-fic…in more ways than one.  Seri0usly, there’s a flashback in there with the whole confessional box even.  Funny and interesting.

I haven’t read the other fanfics but here’s a list of all the fanfics in the said forum for you all to read:

Remember these ones are from a forum.  You need to register in order to be able to read them.

Lastly, I also started my own McLaina fic which you can read about by going to this post: A McLaina Story.  It’s on FFN.

Well, thats that.  Thanks to froshbeast for telling me about that Idol Fiction forum!

I told you guys this list was short.  There ain’t much McLaina fics yet…and I am starting to wonder if I should try my hand on writing one…Hm…I suppose that depends on the requests, and stuff like that.

Anyways, that’s all for now.  Until the next post, dream on; fly on!

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  1. froshbeast says:

    Actually, there is a lot of McLaina fics, both one shots and longer ones, here:

    It’s a really sweet Idol fanfiction community, and McLaina is the biggest topic at the moment. 🙂

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