New Bleach and Naruto Chapters UP!

Okay, so while I am prepping up for the “Not-so-BIG Surprise”, I’m happy to announce (somewhat) that the latest chapters of BLEACH and Naruto are up on our Online Manga Viewer.

I won’t go and spoil what happens in this chapter.  It’s best if you just read it.  What I can say is that we are (as suspected) treated to a look at Bee’s and the Raikage’s past in the five-hundred-forty-second (542nd) manga chapter of the Naruto series.  Meanwhile, in BLEACH, Ichigo’s training is almost finished.

Both chapters are interesting, but not that good or that compelling.

Like I’ve said, just read the chapters on our OMV.

That’s that for now.  Until the next post (check back later), dream on; fly on!

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