East and West Showdown Conclusion

The newest case in Detective Conan had one question…well, actually, two if you count who the culprit is.  Anyways, the question was: who is the better detective: Shinichi or Heiji?

In the most recent Detective Conan file, we get to read the conclusion of the case and the answer to that question (I won’t spoil it, just read the manga chapter by heading to this link–our OMV).  What’s more, the culprit is revealed.

At the end of the chapter, however, our interest regarding Detective Conan’s newest character has once again peaked.  For some reason, the NBI feel as though they have met Sera before–that she looks like someone familiar to them.  Who could that be and who really is Sera?  I’m  hoping the next case will be able to give us some hints, at least.

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