inFAMOUS Troubles

inFAMOUS TroublesSo, I’ve posted that I was trying to download games from the Welcome Back package for my PS3, right?  Well, one of those games is inFAMOUS.

inFAMOUS TroublesI’ve been trying to download that damn game for days.  Days, I tell you!  Days!!  And, still, I’m stuck with the stupid Downloading-Pending that stops my download in 9998KB out of seven-something-gigabytes.  It’s frustrating!

inFAMOUS TroublesSo, I cancelled the download and tried to re-download it.  I waited, you know, to know how long it would take (you can see that kind of info when you start downloading it).  And what do I get?  I get a stupid error.  It’s the PSN Error 80023324.

inFAMOUS TroublesIt’s that stupid, annoying error that’s causing me headaches right now.  I went to google it and what do I learn, that this error comes when you have “inadequate” internet connection–which was stupid as I could download anything and everything with that internet connection using a PC.

inFAMOUS TroublesI learned that most people (if not all) who had that problem opted to download their stuff by bringing their PS3s or Harddrives over to a friend’s house and downloading from there.  Sure, that option would have been good to me, IF I had somewhere I can download it.  I don’t really have a friend that has a decent internet connection and a PS3.

inFAMOUS TroublesAnyways, my dad and I are going to the mall to talk to our ISP and ask if there’s something they can do about it so that I can download games for my PS3 (legally, of course) that’s more than 2GB.  I hope they have a solution to that because it would suck if they don’t.  Seriously, I’m even a PSN Plus member and I won’t be able to download those awesome games because of the stupid connection.  ARRRRGGGHHHHH!!! It’s frustrating.  FRUSTRATING!!!

So, if you guys know of any solution on how to NOT get that stupid error, then please, share it with me!  I’m begging you!  BEGGING!!!  Why?  Because I don’t want to NOT be able to download this free game and NOT be able to play it and I don’t want to have to buy the stupid BLURAY of the game just to play it.  So, please.  Help a little gamer girl out!

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6 comments on “inFAMOUS Troubles
  1. Morgan says:

    Hey, I get the same error and its PISSING me off 2!!!!! I’ve been on tonnes of different forums to see if anyone has a solution but nothing
    🙁 I know its a problem with the download size of the files, because anything under 2GB (even only slightly) will download fine. Anything over and I get this error. One solution i got was port forwarding but im not sure how to do that…. anyway, can u tell me if u found the solution?

    • I’ve tried port forwarding but it still doesn’t work with me (either that or I am not doing it right).
      It’s infuriating since inFamous is one of those games that you should definitely have and Sony’s giving them away but we are unable to download it. I’m going to try to update the router and see if that does anything (using Huawei router).

  2. Blah says:

    Same problem here with infamous. Using sun broadband. I wonder of those using globe tattoo was able to download files larger than 2gb.

    • I’m not sure if they are running into any problems but, I think Smart Bro users and PLDT users are not having this issue. Or, if they are, they have a workaround for it.

  3. Sylkmorphis says:

    Try Using proxy on your ps3 connection. On how to setup proxy go to Search for Proxy server over the net. You can use servers with 80 or 8080 ports. So far, I’ve been using proxy from south korea. You can check here 

    You can try also proxy from other countries but it’s just trial and error.

    By the way, I’m Using smart bro. I tried it with Suncel but only once and it failed. I’m going to test it later with other proxy. Haven’t tested it yet with globe tattoo.

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