Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)

You know, most artists, when they make a music video (with the exception of Gaga) make themselves look prettier, more glamorous, hotter, sexier,…basically every positive adjective with an -er at the end.  But, for Katy Perry and her latest music video, Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F), it wasn’t the case.


She had a make-over, alright.  But instead of making herself look prettier, sexier, cooler, and so forth and so on, she dorkified-slash-nerdified herself.


This music video is one of my favorites. Set in the 1980s (Wii and laptop aside), Katy Perry’s brace-faced, terminally geeky 13-year-old alter-ego Kathy Beth Terry undergoes a classic teen-movie makeover for the party of the year in “Last Friday Night.” With the help of her BFF, the appropriately cast “Friday” singer Rebecca Black, Kathy Beth loses her headgear, mustache, and denim jumpsuit for skintight neons and teased-to-the-heavens big hair. Like something out of a teen version of The Hangover (and pretty inappropriate for a teen!), the next morning finds Kathy Beth waking up to a trashed house, a football player in her bed, and a struggle to piece together the details of her epic Friday night. (taken from Y!News)


You can watch the video below.
Tell me what you guys think, because I really think that Katy Perry is very entertaining in this…and she managed to cater a wider audience with this music video.


On a side note, below are two more videos.  These are from the Tony Awards.  The first one features Neil Patrick Harris doing the opening number for the said awards show while the second one shows both him and Hugh Jackman doing a number together.  Both are on my favorite video list. XD



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