Is This Still BLEACH?! …And, Naruto Update.

While our city is having some political troubles and while I’m freaking annoyed at the fact that my stupid inFamous PS3 game download is still not downloading (freaking stupid download!  It’s not like I’m downloading it illegal. I do have a PSN account and this is the Welcome Back package right?  Right?!!  RIGHT?!?!?!) the newest manga chapters of BLEACH and Naruto are finally up.

But…let me tell you, it got me confused and I felt a little bit iffy about one of these updates.

Let’s start of with Naruto.  The flashback-thingy with Bee and the Raikage is finally over!  Yes, and the story will once again move on…or hopefully move on to Naruto and Bee heading off to war and whatnot.  I won’t tell you guys what happened in detail but…Bee is strong.  You can read this newest manga chapter here on our OMV.


Wait, this is BLEACH right?  Because, seriously, I don’t know what the heck Kubo-san is thinking now.  Ichigo’s fullbring-look looks like he just jumped out of a YuGiOh! card or something.  It’s an eyebrow-raising moment, I tell you.  I mean, just look at what Ichigo’s Fullbring looks like!  He looks way, waaaaayyyy cooler in his Shinigami outfit and not this…this.

And…there’s a little bit of twist in the end…too.  But, still no sign of the other Shinigami or Rukia.  Gaaaahhh!

So, yeah.  You can read this new chapter here.

That’s it for now.  Until the next post, dream on; fly on!


(Why won’t you freaking download inFAMOUS!!?!??!!!)

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