10 Diabolical Pranks To Play On Your Teacher

My Friend, Richie Mohanty, decided to send me this article.  I’m not sure how serious he is with this but…if you do plan on doing any of these things, be forewarned that you do so at your own risk.  I see this article as a form of entertainment, I don’t know how others would perceive it. XD


How many of us have never had the experience of coming across a teacher whose sole purpose in life was to make ours miserable? Yep, I thought so. Countable with the fingers on one hand. Anyways, remember the time spent with friends planning and scheming, trying to find that one most awesome prank of all time to get even with them? Ah, those were the times when most of us would have been at our creative best.

The sole purpose of this post is to list 10 very diabolical, 10 very doable pranks that one can play on those teachers. Being the responsible adult that I am, I strongly advise that you do not try these at home. Heck, if you did, they would serve no purpose. Your target is the big bad teacher, not your parents. Some of these pranks I got off the internet, some I’ve thought up with my friends. Just a word of advice, some of the pranks could land you in trouble with the law. But then again, you’re not guilty if you don’t get caught. Let the madness begin!!!!!

10: The Prank Call

The oldest trick in the book. Be it the seductive voice or the angry man living down the street, this prank is an all time classic and there’s no way I was leaving this one out.

9: The Plumber Ad

This is another favorite. Just release an ad in the papers with your teacher’s photo, details and cell phone number. You don’t have to make him or her a plumber. Make them whatever you want. Be creative and use your imagination. I strongly advise you NOT add their house telephone numbers. We don’t want to involve the spouse. Poor dear is probably suffering as it is.

8: Food Coloring

I got this one off the internet. Your teacher addicted to caffeine? Then just slip in a nice big dose of edible food coloring into his/her beverage (brown if you please). The next time he shows off his pearly whites, they won’t be so well, pearly white XD.

7: Escort Service

Imagine the horror (and the terrible rage) on your teacher’s spouse’s face if a leggy blond or well toned hunk from an escort service turned up at their door one fine evening. Give your teacher the pleasure of an escort for an evening by “anonymously” sending one for them. Best part is if you can get them to pay for it. Too bad the pleasure won’t last for long.

6: Naughty Magazines Have Other Uses As Well

This is assuming your teacher is a happily person. Subscribe to a naughty adult magazine in your teacher’s name. The less straight the magazine, the better. Poor spouse. See, adult magazines aren’t all THAT bad.

5: Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Slip in a bottle of laughing gas in your teacher’s room and watch them laugh their heads off. Even better if the Principal is around to witness your teacher’s moment of madness. If you can’t find laughing ask the local chemist shop for nitrous oxide (N2O). Or steal some from the family dentist.

4: Mini Spike Strip

It’s pretty easy to construct. Take a very flat and thin piece of wood and hammer a few nails through it. Lay your mini spike strip under your teacher’s tires and let iron do its thing. Just make sure you stay well hidden.

3: Naughty Package At Work

Another way to embarrass your teacher at work. It would really help if you know how to print on boxes. The more authentic it seems, the better effect it will have. Anyways, here’s the deal. Send a package to your school with an authentic looking company note like “Yearly subscription bonus package” or something of the sort. Make sure it’s something embarrassing like V**gra or C*nd**s. This is prank so don’t hold back. Another gem I found on the internet.

2: Lock Up The Bad Guy

It’s exactly what it says. Look them up in their rooms. Especially effective if it were closing time. This is one prank that has actually been tried and tested by me and my friends, TWICE!!! And on the same teacher too. Needless to say, we had a 100% success rate with it. All you need is a small chain and click lock for this one.

1: Something’s Fishy

If your teacher has a desktop in their office/room, then put a tuna sandwich in their CPU. Not that hard really. All you have to do is unscrew two screws, remove the panel, put the sandwich inside and put the panel back on. Give it some time and the whole place will become a stink zone. And the best part is no one would think about checking the computer until it’s too late. This is an evolution of the old “sandwich in the filing cabinet” trick.

Before I end it, there is one more prank I’d like to mention. But unfortunately, it’s not something everyone can do.  Call it, having all the right friends at the right places.

0: Send’em To HELL

This is for a very special friend of mine who’s been having some pretty bad trouble with her “teacher”. Honestly, just send the aforementioned person to hell. Being a personal friend of the Hell Girl should make your job so much more easier. And you don’t even have to spend any money. You’ll never go hungry at school again!!! XD


This is all I have. Have fun people. And try not to get caught.


About the Contributor

This article was written and contributed by Richie Mohanty.  You can view his profile by heading to this link.  This is Richie Mohanty’s fifth post contribution to Sakura no Kokoro thereby making him a regular article writer for SnK.  Congratulations, Richie!


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12 comments on “10 Diabolical Pranks To Play On Your Teacher
  1. Ryoma Echizen says:

    Like i said before, you’re not guilty if you don’t get caught. XD

  2. Elli says:

    We put a phone in the ceiling during class and kept calling it

  3. you pooed your self says:


  4. Gabriel says:

    Try this: put those alarm clocks that ring really loud in random places set to random times. Have Fun.

  5. Joe says:

    Put dog poop on her chair and watch the reaction

  6. Joe says:

    Water on the chair works

  7. Joe says:

    Take a picture of her photoshop her body naked then put it on instagram

  8. Good one . But my teacher doesn’t have instegram ????????xxx

  9. To fool the people in the class

    Roll the toilet paper out 5 or 6 squares out and then draw a spider!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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