The End of Peter Parker

The last couple of days have turned the world of superhero comic fans upside down. Why? Because Marvel Comics have announced that our “Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man” is no more. Sad, but true. In the latest installment of “Ultimate Spider-Man”, the Wall Crawler meets his demise. The edition, #160: The Death of Spider Man is already out having been released on the 22nd. This has to be one of the most if not THE most significant developments in superhero history. Spider-Man is the first hero since Captain America (I think??? Forgive me if I am wrong) who has been finished off by his creators.

Before I add a little more detail to our story, first let me take some time to reminisce about my childhood. Before I became the anime otaku that I am today, I was a superhero fan boy like any average American kid growing up in the nineties. While I was never a comic collector (My parents ruined my childhood in this regard), my cousin was and I pretty much read his whole comic collection. Well versed was I in the ways of the superhero. Not just the comics, I was addicted to the cartoon series as well. Waking up every Saturday morning was something I really looked forward to (unlike Monday) because just had to catch the latest episodes of Spider-Man and The X-Men (Wolverine’s the dawg!!!). There were no two ways about it. I just had to.

But then we moved and that was the end of that. While I did learn to get over my superhero obsession, I could never fully forget those days. I was one of those people who never took to the superhero movies like X-Men. They just felt so shallow. Sure, the special effects were pretty awesome but I mean come ON, Apocalypse is a much better super villain than William Stryker every day of the millennium. Same with Spider-Man. They just killed off Norman Osbourne too quickly. And what the hell happened to Kingpin? You get the point. Anyways, it’s kind of hard to accept the death of someone you sorta grew up with. But enough now. I’m starting to sound like an old man.

The writers at Marvel Co say that the end of Spider-Man isn’t the end of an era. Rather, it’s the beginning to something bigger and better. I can just hope so. A little speculation says that Spidey’s successor won’t be named for a while now, and most certainly not in the next issue. Those of you acquainted with Bleach will probably have the word “Filler” popping straight into your head now. The next issue will however focus on the world without Spider-Man and how it affects all those close to him as well as the crime syndicate in Manhattan. Here’s hoping for a thrilling new chapter in the Spider-Man saga.

R.I.P. Peter Parker


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