The Mystery Continues–A Detective Conan Update

I like mysteries, I like detective shows, games, and…of course, manga like Detective Conan.  Why?  Because I like to puzzle-out the how and the why of the stories.  I guess, that’s why I couldn’t keep myself from buying and playing L.A. Noire for the PS3 (Yes, even though I have an XBOX 360, I opted to buy the PS3 version, XD).

Trying to figure out who the culprit is and how said culprit managed to do what he did?  That’s also one of the things that I like and enjoy with both Detective Conan and L.A. Noire.  But, this post isn’t about L.A. Noire, or about how great it is and how I wish that we would have a DC game like L.A. Noire.  This post is about the newest case file of the series–an update to the most recent case that Shinichi/Conan and Co. are in.

In the previous chapter, another murder was done in the face of the detectives Kagorou, Shinichi (still in the body of Conan), and Heiji.  The culprit, in my opinion, is either dumb or too confident that he (or she) wouldn’t be caught.

The question now is: how was the poison (for the victim was poisoned) placed in the Baumkuchen without the knowledge of the detectives in the room and how did the culprit knew that the deceased president’s son would eat that particular piece?

For the moment, neither Conan nor Heiji has an answer to that.  But, there is something that the maid knows that she isn’t telling–based from the expression she has on one of the panels.  Can the maid be the culprit?  If so, does the motive have something to do with the house that is going to be demolished?

Well, we’ll probably find that out in the next chapter–provided that this case would follow the usual 3-chapter-per-case format.  I doubt it a bit though as it has been said that this would probably be a long case.

Oh, well…you can read the latest chapter of Detective Conan by heading to our OMV Page.

Until the next post, dream on; fly on!

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