Immortal Armies, Contaminated Memories, and…Selena Freaking Out. XD

It is that time of the week again and, let me tell you, the updates we have this week are better than the previous ones we have.  Well, a bit, at least.

First up, let’s deal with BLEACH and its four-hundred-and-fifty-forth chapter entitled Sheathebreaker (there is no error in that spelling, that is actually how they–Tite Kubo and the translators–wrote it.

This chapter is as messed up as Inception, and it (the events on this chapter) doesn’t look to good to our remaining ‘sane’ characters Ichigo and Ginjou.  We are still left in the dark as to what is being planned for Ichigo, though.  What’s more, it seems like Ginjou has figured out what new power Tsukushima has doesn’t involve manipulating his victims’ memories, but inserting his presence into their past.  Weird, and weird–that’s what I think about his power.

Anyways, we can probably expect a battle-to-the-death scenario on the next chapter.  I can’t really say for certain if it would be the next chapter, or the next but…from the way Ginjou and Ichigo were talking (before they got caught), that seems very likely.  And…I’m still wondering where the other Shinigami are at. *sigh*

Meanwhile…in the world of ninjas and psychopathic I-want-to-be-the-ruler-of-the-world people, Naruto is finally showing us what this new form of his can do in a battle, and boy is it amazing–even though all we have seen is a couple of panels worth of it.

In the five-hundred-and-forty-fifth chapter of the Naruto manga, entitled, An Immortal Army!! (yes, the two exclamation points are included in the title and not just me shouting the title or something), the Ninja Alliance army finally learns something about the white Zetsu and Naruto is, as Madara expected, on his way to deal with it–and the rest of the henge-clones and the undead.

I seriously laughed at this chapter, even though the tone was nowhere near funny.  Why?  Because while I was reading the explanation on Zetsu and the First Hokage and about plants and the immortal army–whom they call ‘zombies’–I couldn’t help but think: Hey, Kishimoto-san’s all about Plants VS Zombies, too.  I know it may not be funny to most of you reading this article, but…if you read the chapter, you’re bound to see it as well.

You can read the BLEACH chapter here, and the Naruto chapter here…and you can read the other chapters by heading on over to our OMV Page.

As a side note, check out this video of Selena Gomez freaking out when she meets her celebrity crush. XD

Gotta love Selena Gomez, lol. XD

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