Diamond Shapes

Who says you don’t learn something valuable from reading manga certainly hasn’t read any of the Detective Conan files/chapters because once again DC lets us in into some cool facts in the latest chapter of the current case: Diamond Shapes.

With the son of the president dead and no real leads as to who the culprit may be, the detectives are forced to recreate the scenario in hopes of being able to see (or come up) with some viable explanation as to how the president’s son was poisoned.  Meanwhile, Conan and Heiji uses their contacts with other detectives to learn what the tiles on the bathroom where the president was killed looks like.  They also learn that the president’s wife is hiding the fact that the tiles from the villa’s bathroom floor and those from the house-slash-mansion that they are in are exactly the same!  It’s only because of the maid that Conan and Heiji learn about the truth.

What’s more, they learn that the message from the president said: Son–pointing to the deceased son, the victim, as the possible killer to the president’s murder case.  But, it seems that the wife has something to hide as well.  Which leads us all to believe that there are two separate killers for both cases even though both of them actually tie-up to one another.  Oh, boy!

Well, this is one of the longest cases we have thus far.  So far, we have only read three-chapter cases so this particular case is actually fun to read.  Plus you get to learn a few stuff along the way.

You can read this latest chapter by heading on over to our OMV page.

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