Breaking the Bonds! Updated Chapters For BLEACH and Naruto!

I know, I haven’t been able to update in a while and this update comes delayed.  I have to apologize for that since I have been sick for the past few days and haven’t been able to update SnK.  I’m feeling a little bit better now, though…hence, this update.

I have to say that this update comes as a bit of a disappointment after the previous update from both manga–BLEACH and Naruto.  You would have thought that things would pick up for the Naruto-verse, unfortunately, we are given (yet again) another chapter that revolves around an imminent battle between an “revived” ninja being controlled by Madara’s force and one of the ninjas in the Ninja Alliance.  This time, it’s between Gaara and his father.  You can read all about it by heading on over to our VIS OMV.

Meanwhile, in BLEACH…well, this chapter is better than the previous chapter.  Ichigo and Ginjou are welcomed inside Tsukushima’s manor where Ichigo’s sisters and his friends are awaiting him.  Seeing how much Tsukushima has twisted everyone’s view made Ichigo angry and went on ahead, leaving Ginjou behind in search of Tsukushima.  Of course, Ichigo should have learned that Tsukushima was hoping for exactly that and so he waited for Ichigo along with the other Xcution members hoping to be able to defeat Ichigo easily.  He (Tsukushima) is surprised when Ichigo–under instruction from Ginjou–unleashes his completed FullBring and manages to wound Tsukushima.  Just when you thought Ichigo could have this battle hands down, two characters appear to aid Tsukushima–thereby surprising Ichigo.  As to who these two characters are…well, you would have to read the manga to find out.  And, to do that, you can head on over to this link.

Even though both chapters are interesting, it’s not as good as what I would have expected.  It’s like Kishimoto is just dragging the Naruto manga on and on.  It’s starting to get well-beyond the point of redundancy.  BLEACH, on the other hand, provided a so-so chapter but, like Naruto, Kubo seems to want to drag this manga on and on as well.

Once again, you can read the newest Naruto chapter, The Past VS The Present by heading to this link.

Likewise, you can read the newest BLEACH chapter, End of Bond 1 by heading to this link.

Until the next post, dream on; fly on!

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