Day 2: Turtles

So, we’re still continuing on with the challenge.

I’ve already said that we were heading to Manila (and staying there overnight) to visit my sister, right?  Well, as it happens, my sister made good with her promise that she was going to buy us a cellphone accessory–a cute cellphone accessory–much like the one she was sent to us via MMS (or rather, she had sent to my youngest sister).  This particular cellphone accessory is a cute, little turtle plushy-thingy (see image below).

Mara and the Turtles

Mara and the Turtles

So, yeah.

That’s the picture of my sister (the one we visited at Manila–the same person who’s going to take the CPA Board Exam this October), Mara and the turtles–one for each of us (and that’s my arm on the left, XD, FYI).

My sisters and I named our turtle plushies-slash-cellphone-accessories.

Mara named her turtle (the one in the middle) “Tootie“.

I named mine (the one in the right) “Pinagong”.

While the most creative name went to my youngest sister’s–Abby’s–turtle (the one in the left).  She named hers “Blobobobobobobolobob“…or something like that.  You can’t really expect me to write the name of Abby’s turtle plushie-slash-cellphone-accessory because she named it after the sound you can make which is a mix of “BLAARGGH” and “LOBOBOBOBLOB” or something.  I have yet to ask her how to spell her turtle’s name…soooo… 

Okay, so she told me how to write her turtle’s name.  It’s “Plurlulurp” (How the heck did she transcribe that name?! Besides it sounds like Blobobobobobolobob to me)

Yeah, I know.  I have weird, funny, yet lovable sisters. XD

Well, that’s that for this post.

Until the next post, dream on; fly on!

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