Day 3: What A Way To Start The Week

Welcome to Day Three of the Hundred Pictures Challenge, everyone!

It’s Monday today and I was having the Monday blues–just like everybody else–and I was (I think) mumbling about how much I hate having to wake up so early in the morning when, lo and behold, I fell down the stairs.

It’s not really a bad fall and I didn’t fall from the top of it.  I fell about two or three steps just before I hit the bottom.  Luckily, I didn’t twist my ankle or injured my knee or anything…but, I did smack the palm of my hand on the metal banister than the wooden rails with so much force that I couldn’t really ball my right hand into a fist.  I didn’t end up in the hospital, though…my mom just told me to put a plaster on it, and so I did…hence the picture for Day Three:

Plaster on My Hand

This is what I get so early in the morning. Ugh...

So, yeah.  It hurts like hell when I use the keyboard and the mouse but I don’t really have any choice on the matter–I have to work and to do so I need to use the mouse and the keyboard.  Luckily the plaster (Salonpas) is helping a bit (and I really do mean a tinsy, tiny bit).

Call me clumsy, or whatever but I am blaming it all on the stupid Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock box that we are using to keep Percy (our dog) from going up the stairs.  This is the second time–in the span of two weeks–that I fell down the stairs because of it. FFFFUUUUUU!

Anyways, that’s all for now.

Until the next post, dream on; fly on!

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