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We’re only just half-way through the week, but even so, it seems that the translation and scanlation groups are enjoying working fast than usual as we now have all the recent manga chapters from Naruto, BLEACH, and Detective Conan.  These chapters are pretty interesting so, let’s begin.

Love...Is a Battlefield?First up is the Detective Conan Case File: On The Spot Investigation: The Vow.

This is a pretty nifty chapter as we finally know how the killer managed to kill the President’s son–how he (or she) managed to inflict the poison on the food without knowing which food the victim was going to eat and without putting poison on the incorrect one.  The answer to that was rather a simple trick that, unfortunately, didn’t cross my mind.  I was thinking more on an ingenious way of putting poison on food without rousing suspicion and making it seem like magic.  Turns out, it was simpler.  But, of course, the killer made a wrong move–thereby allowing Shinichi (Conan) and Heiji to know who it was that poisoned the President’s son.

Unfortunately, just before they could apprehend the suspect–and as they were in the verge of letting us readers know how they figured it out–the suspect ends up dead as well.  And, by the looks of it, that suspect was also poisoned.  So now we may have a new killer.  There is one thing that I can guess–based on what was said in this chapter–that the maid is, in fact, also a child of the President.

Having said that, this case seems like it is far from over.

Of course, there is a little bit side-story to this case file regarding Ran and Kazuha.  It’s quite cute–and funny.  I won’t go spoiling the side-story but it has something to do with Ran’s trip to London where he meets up with Shinichi again.

You can read this chapter by heading on to this link.


Next, we have Naruto’s “Object of True Value” chapter.

Father and Son BattleIn this chapter, we have a flashback on what made Gaara evil (again).  It was the thought that he wasn’t loved (of course, we all know that by now).  Which is why his father is surprised to learn that, not only is Gaara no longer a Jinchuuriki, but that he has friends and is the current Kazekage and one of the commanders of the Alliance.  It seems that Gaara’s father doesn’t really have anything positive to see in Gaara.

He, however, challenges Gaara to show him that he can be surpassed–something that Gaara, manages to do hands-down.  During the end of this rather short battle, Gaara’s father sees what Gaara’s mother truly meant by giving him the name “Gaara”.  We are also told that the sand techniques that Gaara had been using aren’t techniques that are developed through being a Jinchuuriki but is actually the power of protection that Gaara’s mother gave to him when he was born.

The question is, is this battle truly finished or is Gaara’s father only using his mother as a way to affect Gaara psychologically–to see if he really is strong in the mental department.  I’m having doubts that the father-son battle is truly at an end with just one chapter.

You can read this chapter by heading on to our OMV or by clicking on to this link.


On BLEACH, we have End of Bonds 2.

Alternate Timeline?It seems that this would truly be the end of the bonds that Ichigo had formed with his friends–including Orihime and Chad–as they truly believed that Tsukushima was the one who rescued Rukia and who helped them defeat Aizen.

In this chapter, Tsukushima gives us an explanation of his power–and it is an explanation that is coated with flowery words that makes the whole thing even more confusing.  Of course, Ichigo would have none of it and he attacks Tsukushima only for his attack to be deflected by Orihime and for Chad to counter attack him.

It looks like things aren’t good for Ichigo.  I have to say, though.  This chapter is one boring chapter.  It’s short compared to the two previous manga chapters discussed in this post…and it only does so little to move the plot forward.  We’ll have to wait again until next week to see what happens next–and if there is any help for Ichigo or if he is going to get up insane with what’s been going on.

This chapter could be viewed and read at your convenience by heading on to this link.


Kudos to our scanlation and translation groups: DCTP (for the Detective Conan manga) and, of course, Binktopia and Mangashare (for our BLEACH and Naruto fixes).

Well, that’s that.

Until the next post, dream on; fly on!

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