Day 9: You Know You’re Addicted When…

Pokemon.  Who would not know what that is?  No matter what age you are, you are bound to know what Pokemon is, either because you have a child you is highly addicted to it and who would want to be “the greatest Master there ever was”, or you had once had the goal of trying to “catch them all”.  Regardless of your reason, you must know who Pikachu is, right?

Well, some people are highly addicted to Pokemon.  They play the video games over and over again, trying to catch the once-150-now-600-something Pokemon in order to complete their in-game Pokedex.  They debate on who is the better hero–Ash, Red or Blake.  They do a lot of things that only crazy and obsessed people would do.

But, one of the things that I found to be the ultimate sign of being a Pokemaniac is this:


It’s…the Pika-Mobile! *Insert Pikachu theme song here*

Seriously, trust the Japanese to go a wee bit overboard with their craze.  But…hmmm…I wonder what it would feel like driving a car like that.  I bet it’s a head turner.  The thing is, the Pika-Mobile (that’s not the official name of that car, it’s something I came up with) is not the only car-turned-Pokemon around.  Check out my post for tomorrow to see the others (since this is a photo-a-day challenge, XD).

Well, that’s that.

Until the next post, dream on; fly on!

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