Day 12: ATMs

Welcome to day twelve of the Hundred Pictures Challenge!

Today’s picture is this:


You may be wondering what this photo is about.  Obviously, the girl in the photo?  That’s not me.  This photo actually has nothing to do with me and I have no idea who that girl is.  Why I posted this photo is actually because of the process below.  It’s a comparison between what guys and girls are said to do when withdrawing cash from an ATM.


How Boys Get Money From ATM            How Girls Get Money From ATM
Park the car. Park the car.
Go to ATM machine. Check makeup.
Insert Card. Turn off engine.
Enter Pin. Check makeup.
Take money. Go to ATM.
Take ATM card. Search ATM card in purse.
Drive away. Insert card.
Hit cancel.
Hunt in purse for chit having pin code.
Insert card.
Enter pin.
Take cash.
Go to car.
Check makeup.
Start car.
Stop car.
Run back to ATM.
Take ATM card.
Go to car.
Check makeup.
Start car.
Finally leave.

Yeah, I know…that’s not really true.  I mean, I’m a girl and I sure don’t take that long whenever I withdraw money from the ATM.  So, yeah…I guess people just kind of stereotyped girls like that.  So, yeah…

I hope this made some of you laugh, but…if you want to get a little more entertainment from this post, then check out the video below.

Until the next post, dream on; fly on!

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