The Mistress’ Confession?

If you thought that the new Detective Conan file (or chapter) has the conclusion of the current case, then you are mistaken.  It’s still far from over, even though the Detectives Takagi and Mouri–as well as Inspector Megure–think that the case has been solved with the death of the Mistress and her written, sealed letter.

But, for Heiji and Conan/Shinichi, the case is far from over.  There were a lot of irregularities in the case that they seem to be able to see.  What’s more, they don’t believe that the Mistress committed suicide.  And so, it’s a race against time to find how the killer managed to kill the President’s son and the Mistress.

It has also been revealed in this chapter who the President’s killer was–the only thing that Heiji and Conan seem to believe in the letter that the Mistress left behind.

You can read the latest Detective Conan file, File 785:  The Mistress’ Written Confession by heading to this link.  We still have one more file to go before this case concludes.

Well, that’s that for today’s manga update.  Until the next post, let me give you guys something to ponder about: Who do you believe is the killer?

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