Naruto Update and A Trailer

It seems that I was wrong about Gaara’s father.  He wasn’t tricking Gaara with his words.  He was actually telling the truth!

The 548th chapter is already out and it’s now available for reading via our OMV Page.  This week’s chapter, Naruto VS Itachi! is a chapter that closes the father and son conversation-slash-battle that ensued between Gaara and his father.   It also opens up on a two-man cell battle between Nagato and Itachi against Bee and Naruto.  I am willing to bet that the up-coming chapters, should they focus on Naruto and Bee, rather than the rest of the Ninja Alliance, will be one with a lot of discussions and probably flashbacks.

What I really loved about this chapter is the conversation between young Gaara and Yashamaru–Gaara’s uncle (his mother’s brother).  I have transcribed that particular conversation and quoted it below:

Young Gaara: It’s not bleeding, but…it hurts really bad right here.

Yashamaru: When your body gets hurt, blood comes from the wound…and that can make it look painful.  But after some time passes, the pain fades away on its own…and if you use medicine, it heals even faster…But the problem is with wounds in your heart…there’s nothing here that can help fix those.

Young Gaara: Wounds in my heart?

Yashamaru: Wounds on your body and wounds in your heart are kind of different.  Unlike wounds on your body, there’s no medicine that can treat them…and they can stay your whole life and never heal.

Young Gaara: …

Yashamaru: There’s only one thing…that can help heal a wounded heart.

Young Gaara: …?

Yashamaru: But it’s a difficult medicine to get a hold of…because you can only receive it from another person.

Young Gaara: …What is it?

Yashamaru: Love.

Young Gaara: Love?

Yashamaru: That’s right.

Young Gaara: H…How do you get that?

Yashamaru: You’ve already been given it, Gaara-sama.

Young Gaara: Huh?

Yashamaru: I think my sister really, really loved you.  Shukaku of the sand was originally a haunting spirit for the sake of combat.  What makes the sand move on its own to protect you is your mother’s love…I think your mother’s will is alive within that sand.  Because my sister…even if it would have killed her…she would have wanted to protect you…


And that’s the most touching thing in the whole chapter.  It’s really amazing, isn’t it?  The power of love.  But I won’t go and making this chapter longer than it should be.  I’ll let you guys read this latest chapter–which you can by heading to this link.

Also, as an added bonus–and, while we’re waiting for the BLEACH chapter to be scanlated and translated, here’s the awesome trailer from the upcoming Amazing Spiderman movie.  I’m telling you, I can’t wait to watch this movie!

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