Duty of A Christian

When I was an elementary school student, we have our Religion class.  In that class, we have a teacher (of course).  This teacher, among all the teachers and professors that I have met is my favorite.  She’s kind.  She doesn’t make fun of you or embarrass you in front of your classmates.  She doesn’t do anything that would make you feel inferior.  What she does is…she teachers and she makes you feel that you’re smart even when you feel like the dumbest person in class.  She doesn’t give you grades that you don’t deserve.  She’s as fair as she is kind.  She, in a way, reminds of me Morri (from Mitch Albom’s Tuesdays with Morri) because she is just like that.

Anyways, this teacher said something that I still remember, even now.

During one of our class, she asked us what we think being a Christian means.  Of course, we knew the answer to that.  “It means being a follower of Christ.” we all said in unison.  It was the correct answer and she told us that.  But, she also added that we must never forget Christ.  She then says, “Christian.  It has the word Christ in it.  If you take Christ out, all you have is nothing.  That’s the same as what being a Christian is about.  If you take Christ out, all you have is ‘ian’…I ANothing.”

I keep that thought with me, even as the years went by.  But, sometimes, I forget.

Right now, I’m not much of a fan of the Roman Catholic Church here in the Philippines.  I’m not a fan of the corrupt priests and bishops–the self-righteous ones who believe that they know everything and that they are the only ones whom the people should blindly follow.  I guess, that’s why I usually tune out to the words of the homily whenever I can see where the homily is going to go…whenever I realize that the priest is going to go and say something that’s biased.  I know, that’s not how a Christian must act.  But, sometimes, you have to see that the way some of the priests and the bishops are acting are not the way a follower of Christ must act as well.

Maybe I’m being over-critical.  Maybe I’m being a bit self-righteous as well…but, you have to look at the bigger picture sometimes.

Anyways, my youngest sister made me watch a video clip.  Well, two video clips, actually.  This is one of the clips she made me watch and it also made me think and reflect about a lot of things…even in the midst of a freaking migraine.

You know, that video above made me cry.  It touched my heart and made me remember things that I have forgotten.

Life’s hard.  It’s no piece of cake.  It’s filled with pain, suffering, trials, and hardships.  It can break you, but only if you let it.  But, you don’t have to walk on life’s road on your own.  Well, you’re not exactly alone either.  God’s always by your side, even when you feel like you’ve been left alone.  God gave us all a mission, not just the priest, the bishops, the nuns, and the pope.  He gave all of us a mission–to show others the way.

People may jeer at us for it.  People may laugh at us.  The devil will tempt us with every waking moment of our lives.  Satan will lure us to abandon our mission.  The world may beat us down to a pulp.  But, we should never let go.  We should never give up on what God has set us out to do…even when the world doesn’t seem to care.  We should.

Because we must.  Because we could.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what other people will say about you.  It doesn’t matter what others will think about you.   In the end, the reward you will get is much better than the praise that other people may give you.  It will be better than winning the lottery.  It will be better than anything you could have experienced or imagined, or even dream about.

Because, in the end, the reward is God’s Kingdom.  The reward is him welcoming you home.  The reward is that you have helped someone, even when no one would ever know about it except for you and the person you have helped.   The reward is in God telling you that you did a great job.  Because, in the end, what the world says or thinks about you doesn’t matter.

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