Megaman Legends 3, Can We Save It?

Most people were anxious about this game.  After all, it has been years since Capcom released Megaman Legends and Megaman Legends II on the PlayStation console.  The previous game left a lot to be desired, and desired it the fans of the franchise did.  That was why, when Capcom announced that there will be a Megaman Legends III and that it would be for the 3DS, fans were pretty happy.  Finally, we get to see what happens next for Mega, Roll, and the rest of the cast.  Even though it was for the handheld, it was still enough.

However, the 3DS seems to have ended up as a bit of a disappointment for Nintendo, and for some of the people who had bought the said handheld gaming system.  Others who own the DS and the DSi opted to pass-up the 3DS as the 3D aspect of the gaming device left a lot to be desired.  It wasn’t as good as people hoped it would be.  Which caused a lot of games to be put on hiatus and some games to be cancelled.  One of the unfortunate ones to get the red light of doom was Capcom’s Megaman Legends III.

This, of course, angered and frustrated the fans.  It was a stupid move on Capcom’s part.  One that doesn’t and wouldn’t help the Nintendo handheld one bit.

But, the fans of this series aren’t going to let it slide.  They’ve banded together, and are continuing to band together, in order to revive the project that Capcom had suddenly decided to put an end to.

If you’re a fan of the series (like I am), and if you would want to help bring Megaman Legends III back, then you may be interested with joining the campaign.  We have one on Facebook, and another one on Capcom’s DevRoom.  If you want to bring ML3 back, then join in and let your voice be heard.

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