Manga Update! When Your Friends Are Your Enemies and Your Enemies Are Your Friends

It’s that time of the week again, folks!  Per usual, we already have the latest Naruto and BLEACH manga chapters up on our Online Manga Viewer.  And, let me tell you, these ones are a dozy.

First up is BLEACH.

BLEACH: End of All BondsChapter 458 slams readers with one heck of a revelation.  Ichigo, worried that Tsukushima’s FullBring would make him lose the only ally he has left, rushes to see what happens to Ginjo.  Seeing that, surprisingly, Ginjo doesn’t seem to be affected, Ichigo agrees that it was high time that they both defeat Tsukushima before Ginjo does begin to think of Ichigo as an enemy.  Just then, however, Ishida appears!

Ishida then tells Ichigo to come with him and reveals that the person who attacked him wasn’t Tsukushima but, was in fact, the man behind Ichigo–Ginjo!  It was then that Ginjo tells Ichigo the truth.  That he and Tsukushima had been working hand-in-hand from the beginning and that Ginjo made Tsukushima turn against him (Tsukushima) and then he let Tsukushima attack him again to revert back to normal.

Ginjo then attacks Ichigo telling him that he would be taking Ichigo’s FullBring.  At the same time, Tsukushima attacks Ishida.

So now we have a possibly near-death Ichigo and an Ishida who would also begin to think of Ichigo as an enemy.  I really have no idea how this would all end…we can only speculate.

This chapter, by the way, is entitled: End of All Bonds.  And, you can read this chapter by heading to this link.


Naruto: Itachi's Question!Now, on to Naruto.

It appears that I am mistaken.  We aren’t treated with another flashback chapter.  Instead, chapter 549 jumps straight to the battle between Nagato and Itachi against Naruto and Bee.

While they are fighting, with Nagato and Itachi telling Naruto and Bee when they are attacking, how to block and dodge their attacks, and practically helping them (Naruto and Bee) defeat them (Nagato and Itachi), Itachi asks Naruto what has happened with Sasuke.  Naruto tells Itachi that Sasuke has joined the ‘dark side’ and is aiding Madara.  He tells Itachi that Sasuke knows of Itachi’s mission and is on a mission of revenge of his own against the Hidden Leaf.

At the end of the chapter, Itachi tells Naruto that he was right to trust Naruto.  And then he does something–something that has something to do with the crow that he made Naruto swallow a hundred or so chapters ago.  Like BLEACH, we are left hanging as to what happens next and we can only wait until next week to find out.

This chapter, Itachi’s Question! can be read by heading to this link.


Unfortunately, we don’t have a Detective Conan update for you guys.  There is no new chapter for that manga series as the newest file will be out next week.

Well, that’s all the manga updates we have for today.

Until the next post, dream on; fly on!

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