Month: August 2011

The Truth Behind Ginjo and…A Naruto Update

So, uh, yeah…It’s that time of the week again and I’m happy to say that the recent chapters of Naruto and BLEACH are already uploaded on the VIS Online Manga Viewer. First up, let’s talk about BLEACH. Ichigo shows Ginjo

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Magic Kaito Special, Now Finished

After two weeks of Detective Conan being replaced by the Kaito Kid Special, we finally have a good grasp of the beginnings of the Kaito Kid and the true motive behind his heists.  The two chapters that encompassed the special

The Final Leg? A BLEACH and Naruto Manga Update!

I was suppose to upload this last night, when I got the message that the new chapters were already available but, since my internet connection decided to be a jerk (AGAIN!), I couldn’t really do it, which really frustrated the

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Drake’s Deception Trailer and Screens

Uncharted 3

November is just a few months away and, thanks to GamesCon, Naughty Dog Productions have finally unveiled the trailer–as well as a bunch of screenies–for the upcoming third installment of the acclaimed Uncharted series, entitled: Drake’s Deception for the PlayStation

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Resident Evil: Revelations

So, I am still debating on whether I should get myself a 3DS, provided that the prices have indeed dropped on some of the markets in Manila (because, over here in Lucena’s Toy Kingdom, the price for a 3DS is still double the

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