Scotty and Lauren’s Music Video!

After what seems like a long time, Scotty and Lauren finally has a music video that they can both be proud of!

With the American Idol competition over, and the on-going American Idol Summer Tour, not to mention the dozens of appearances that they had to make, it’s such a wonder how these two, amazing, young country stars found the time to work on their music video for their first singles Like My Mother Does (Lauren Alaina) and I Love You This Big (Scotty McCreery)

Let’s start off with Lauren’s music video:

I would have personally loved it if, apart from the memories of Lauren’s childhood, they also added some shots from her American Idol journey with her mom.  I guess I was hoping that they would do something like that especially since Lauren’s final song in the competition was one of the tear-jerking and heartfelt moments.  Still, I can’t help but love this music video.  Lauren looks so pretty (like always) and we get to see that, even when she was still a little kid, she was already one crazy, funny gal.

Like I’ve said, Lauren looks beautiful and pretty in this music video.  And, like her journey throughout the Idol competition, she still supports great fashion sense.  Granted, I don’t think that she’s actually the one who choose the dresses she wore here, but…I can’t really imagine Lauren looking “unpretty” in anything she wore because of how she carries herself.  I really hope that this music video gets more love and that she would have a wonderful and amazing career ahead of her!

As For Scotty’s music video:

Well, Scotty sure is a McHotty.  I’m just saying~  and in this video he looks even cuter than usual.


I also have a little qualm about this video, though since…I think many would agree that it could have been better than with just Scotty performing as though he’s in a mini-concert in a park…which is what this video is about.  It would have made a dozen of McLaina fans happy if they would have made Lauren appear at some point, but…seeing as this is their debut music video, I guess the producers decided to go against that.

Anyways, I’d give this video an 8 out of 10 and give Lauren’s a 9 since Lauren’s video is more relevant than Scotty’s.  What do you guys think?  Could they have done a better job with the music videos or are you happy with the way it turned out and you wouldn’t change a thing?

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