The Final Leg? A BLEACH and Naruto Manga Update!

I was suppose to upload this last night, when I got the message that the new chapters were already available but, since my internet connection decided to be a jerk (AGAIN!), I couldn’t really do it, which really frustrated the heck out of me.

Anyways, now I’ve managed to upload the latest chapters from both Naruto and Bleach, both of which you can read via our Online Manga Viewer (that really needs to have a beautiful design but I couldn’t get around doing it because I am currently working on A LOT of things).

10th anniversary bleachFirst up is Naruto’s 551st chapter, entitled: Stop Nagato!

I won’t go into details about this chapter.  Basically, it’s just a chapter that puts an end to the battle between Naruto, Bee, and Itachi against Nagato who was momentarily controlled by the enemy.  It seems that this chapter is also the final chapter we will see of Nagato, if the final panels of the chapter are any indication of it.  Nagato also reaffirms his belief that Naruto can put an end to the madness that is Madara.

In BLEACH’s 460th chapter: Deathberry Returns 2, Ichigo and Rukia (along with Byakuya, Renji, Toushiro, Kinpachi, and Ikaku) are reunited and we are, once again, greeted with the usual Rukia-beating-Ichigo routine.  But, the return of Ichigo’s power doesn’t daunt Ginjou who believes that he has acquired all of Ichigo’s powers and that by merely transferring a bit of Rukia’s power on Ichigo, it wouldn’t make a difference.  Rukia (as well as the other Shinigamis) disagree, however, and it is revealed that Rukia used a sword made by Urahara to transfer her (and the aforementioned Shinigamis) power into Ichigo to “awaken” his Shinigami powers again.  Rukia then tells Ichigo to show Ginjou just how powerful he is, and he does just that…although, the chapter ended even before we actually get to see that.

In this chapter, we also get to see that Rukia isn’t the only one who changed hairstyles.  Toushiro also has a different hairstyle than before.

What I also loved about this chapter is what Rukia said regarding Tsukushima’s powers (Tsukushima who, I just noticed, looked a lot like one of the siblings in the BLEACH: Fade to Black movie).  I’ve encoded the quotation below:

To “be able to change people’s past”…no matter how you look at it, it’s a horrendous ability…I ask you…does that even matter?  No matter how much of your past he changes…he cannot change your future!  Those bonds that you lost…can be rebuilt!

I really think that Rukia is pretty bad-ass there (although, I’ve always thought that…even during the times when she’s pretty much useless, XD).  Also, there are rumors circulating that BLEACH and Naruto are coming to an end…that is, if Kubo and Kishimoto don’t continue to milk it.  Because, seriously, base on the story, these series are almost done…

On a side note, it’s BLEACH’s 10th anniversary!!

Anyways, I prefer the BLEACH chapter again.  It’s more entertaining and more…well, it’s just better than the Naruto update.  We’re still waiting for the Detective Conan update, which DCTP said was on it’s way.  I’ll post again when it comes.

Until then, you can read the Naruto manga update here and the BLEACH manga update here.

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