Triple Manga Update!

I know I wasn’t able to post an article about the previous week’s update, but I have a perfectly good explanation for that.  My family and I (with the exception of my sister, Mara) got into a car accident on our way back from Manila last August 28.  Mara doesn’t know what had happened that night and we intend to keep it that way, btw.  Anyways, I wasn’t feeling so well after that and so I had to skip updating the website.  That being said, the chapters were, however, already uploaded and the only thing I wasn’t able to accomplish really is posting an article about it…so there.

The Real Sleeping Kagouro!Anyways, enough about that.  It’s time for the weekly Manga update.  Right now we have the recent chapters from Detective Conan, Bleach, and, of course, Naruto.  Let’s start with Detective Conan.

In the recent case, which was given the title “Another Kagouro“, Ran and Conan meets a man who claims that he is Kagouro Mouri.  The man, who meets with Ran and Conan, explains that he is doing it to make the landlady of an apartment complex happy.  This landlady, who learns that Ran is Kagouro’s daughter, invites Ran and Conan to her abode (the apartment) where a murder takes place.

The murder appears to be a sealed room murder at first, but, Conan quickly notes that that was not the case (as seen in this recent chapter, entitled: The Real Sleeping Kagouro) and that the “God of Death” that claimed the victim’s life is one of the three people who had found him.  Conan and Ran also learns in this chapter that the man claiming to be Kagouro is not, in fact, the boyfriend of the landlady’s granddaughter–something that they learned from what they read on the landlady’s phone.  Not only that but Conan has also deduced how the culprit did the murder, the only thing he needs now is the evidence to backup his claim.

You can read this recent chapter by heading to this page.


Moving on to Bleach

In the previous chapter, Ginjou has given the other members of Xcution Ichigo’s powers, making them relatively stronger than how they were before.  Now, Ichigo and the rest of the Shinigamis who had come to his aid battles it out with these members who now think they could come to par with Ichigo (seriously?  Why do they think that?  Ichigo, like, defeated one of the bad-ass villains ever conceived in a manga!).

The first battle we see is between Zaraki Kenpachi and Xcution member, Giriko who is a chatterbox.  Kenpachi quickly disposes of Giriko however.  As to whether that particular fight is really over or not, well…we’ll find out next week.  Anyways, the chapter of this title is Extreme Divider.

You can read this recent chapter by heading to this page.
NarutoAs for Naruto…well, Naruto is still fighting against the strongest Raikage.  And, in this chapter, despite how well he manages to use his Rasenshuriken, he is unable to make a dent on the defenses of his enemy.  Which is also the reason why this week’s chapter is entitled: The Rasenshuriken’s Limit…!.  However, despite hitting a wall on how to defeat this enemy, Naruto figures out a way that could break the impenetrable defenses of the Raikage and that is the Bijuudama!

Next week, however, it seems that the chapter will center around Gaara. *shrugs* I’m not really sure, though but if what I’ve read on the last page of the chapter is true, then that means it will be a while before this whole thing with the third Ninja War ends.

Anyways, you can read the chapter by heading to this page.

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