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There are just some songs that, when you first heard them, you have to wonder what the lyrics are saying.  There are times when your ears might be deceiving you and you end up singing along with the song using what you think is the lyrics to the song but actually isn’t…making you look like a complete idiot or, at times, end up with you making an epic video about it and earning a few “likes” and “high-fives” from anonymous people.

Whilst I was scouring YouTube for some clips from one of my all-time-favorite video games, Persona 4, I came across a video where the uploader made a video containing what he thought were the lyrics to the opening song of the game, Reach For The Truth.  Albeit the video contained a case of major misspelling, it was pretty funny and entertaining.  (You can watch that video here).

Since coming across that video, I have begun searching for similar “misheard lyrics” video on YouTube and I ended up making a short list of those songs that actually made me laugh.  Though this list is short, it is not a list of the very best in the scene (although I hope to make a list of that one day) so, if you want to watch more “misheard lyrics” videos, just search for them in YouTube.

Here’s an example of a compilation of lines from songs that someone had put up.  It showcases a couple of “misheard lyrics”:

…and the sequel…

Here are a couple more of them:

Bad Romance by Lady Gaga, uploaded by CrystalMe123.

Temperature by Sean Paul, uploaded by kelp2006 and credited to Xikaze.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Theme uploaded by Linkzcap.

Rewrite by AKFG, uploaded by Gravitation593.

Naruto OP 11, uploaded by KoolooLimpahGurl.


Well, that’s all for now.  If you found a video that’s the same as these–and you think they’re funny–then post a comment and I’ll update the list.  Same goes if you plan to upload one that you made for yourself.

Happy Friday!

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