Contradictions and More Battles From BLEACH and Naruto!

It seems that before the current arc ends, both mangaka of Naruto and Bleach would be prolonging the story further as seen in the latest chapters from both manga series that we now have on our OMV.

First up is BLEACH.

Kenpachi has finished his battle and we are shown that the rest of the Shinigami that have come to help Ichigo are still fighting with their opponents.  I have to note that the best “sneak peek” we had of the battles are from Rukia (who is battling (surprise, surprise) Riruka) and Byakuya, who will be the main focus of next week’s chapter–or so I believe–battling against Tsukishima.

Ichigo and Ginjo will continue their battle on a faux Karakura Town.

You can read this chapter, Quiet Chamber, Noisy Heart by heading to this link.

Meanwhile, in Naruto

Naruto has found a way to defeat his current opponent, the Third Raikage thanks to his conversation with the Hachibi.   And, no.  He wasn’t able to use the “Tail Beast Bomb” either. I have to say that Naruto showed how well he can use his brains in this battle.

Gaara, on the other hand, is having a hard time fighting against his own opponent.  I am guessing that the next chapter would focus on Gaara.

Contradiction, the newest chapter from Naruto, can be read by heading to this link!

On a side note from BLEACH and Naruto, the recent Detective Conan file also concludes the current case and you can read this conclusion by heading to this link.

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