FIFA 12 Preview

It’s that time of the year when gamers and athletes finally have something in common to talk about. The most talked about game release is finally upon us. Ladies and gentlemen, EA Sports gives you FIFA 12.


FIFA 12 is probably the most anticipated game release of the year. Especially this year. Why? Well, this year’s EA Sports release promises to be one the the most advanced sports game ever.  This time around, EA have introduced three radical features; Impact Engine, Tactical Defending and Precision Dribbling. While the last two features will be more appreciated by seasoned campaigners, it’s the Impact Engine that will wow first time players.

Before I get into detail about the above mentioned features, I would first like to draw everyone’s attention to the graphics. Simply put, they are astounding. EA have done their very best to deliver lifelike graphics which undoubtedly, enhance the whole gaming experience. It’s the graphics that really make the new features work.


Now about those so-called “radical” features. First the Impact Engine. This feature enhances the physics aspect of the game. Physics, as in science stuff, right? Well yes. But what it does is add a whole new dimension of realism to the game. The Impact Engine uses collision physics to try and mimic real life collisions between objects in the game, be it player and ball or player and player. With the improved graphics, many would be forgiven for thinking they walked in on a live game when someone is playing. First time players will be able to really experience what a game of football actually feels like.

Then we come to the Tactical Defending. Like I stated before, this is something that will be appreciated by the more experienced players. Tactical Defending allows for more ‘intelligent’ defending by the player and the AI. That means more interceptions and tighter marking of attacking players. There has been some criticism about this feature not being tested properly but only time will tell if they are in fact, warranted.

I’ve saved the best for last. Now we move on to Precision Dribbling. Again, this will be favored by more seasoned players. Why? Simple. It means more control. More control means more trick moves and skills. More trick moves and skills means more embarrassment. Whether it’s for your friend or for yourself I cannot say however. But, this feature allows for more ball control, especially while holding off a man. Again, players have been designed so as to take note of their surroundings which means, players will be more careful with the ball when they are near their own goal. Oh, and think what you could do with Messi XD.

PhotobucketFinally, another small but important feature that EA have added is the off field game interaction, which is meant to copy real world scenarios like players wanting to leave for more money or unhappy at being left on the bench and so on. As a manager, egos will have to be controlled this time around. Man City fans will have their hands full I guess. XD

The game is to be released between the 27th and the 30th of this month, depending upon where you live. Hopefully, the game will live up to its hype. But we will just have to wait and watch. Next stop, FIFA Kinect !!!!!!!!

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