First Double-Daniel X Chapter Up!

As promised on my previous update, I will be posting two chapters this week (not counting the interlude).  And, I am happy to announce that the first chapter of that double-Daniel X update is finally up on FFN.

It was fun writing this chapter, albeit there isn’t really anything enlightening about it.  Not yet, anyways.  It does, however, introduce another central character to the story (I’ll give you three guesses).  It’s also a bit shorter but I had to cut the chapter as short as that.  It doesn’t make much of a difference though since most of JP’s chapters are quite short.

Anyways, it’s raining cats and dogs outside and people are getting worried about the water levels.  I guess the rain also helped me finish this chapter, though I wouldn’t like to go all emo on it. XD

You can read this latest chapter by heading to this link or searching it up on FFN.  Remember, the fanfic’s title is Game Over and it’s under the Daniel X section of the site.

I’m not sure when the next update will be, but, if I can update the fanfic soon (and depending on how much free time I have) I may post another chapter before the week ends making it a triple-chapter week.  *shrugs* Who knows?

Well, until next time!  Dream on; Fly on!

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