Surprise Daniel X Fanfiction Update!

I know.  I know what I said that there wouldn’t be any updates after the back-to-back update I had earlier this week.  But, I guess if you like to write stories then you just can’t help yourself and you will, no matter what, find a way to write more.  Hence, this update.

I find it quite flattering that I have read this reviews from this fanfic that made people think better of the Daniel X series.  There are quite a number of people who have read the books but didn’t quite like it compared to Witch & Wizard as well as–of course–Maximum Ride, because the story was a bit bland.  You can imagine how it must have felt when someone told me that I had made them think differently of Daniel and his adventures and how a reader (Fanfictionaddict1) commented on how I made the books look like fakes, really made my day and really made me want to strive in finishing this fanfic that I have started out of boredom at having to wait for the next book (which, back then was Game Over) to come out.  Not to mention how some of my readers hate Daniel X but thought that my story of how I thought the fourth book should have been, was ‘epic’, ‘decent’,  and ‘amazing’ (their words, not mine).

Of course, when the book did come out and I finished reading it, it left me feeling a little bit put off at how JP wrote the whole thing.  It could have been epic!

Anyways, I know that what I have online (meaning, the fanfic) still needs a lot of work as I didn’t have anyone to proofread it and I have yet to get myself a beta-reader from FFN, but it means so much to me when I receive a review from a chapter that I had written.  It makes you wanna write more, you know.

So, having said that, I really did end up uploading this chapter–which you can, by the way, read by heading off to FFN and searching for my fanfic on the Daniel X archive, entitled Game Over, or by clicking to this link.  A thousand thanks to those who continue to support said fanfic.  I may end up updating again before the week ends, provided that my internet connection doesn’t get effed out.

With that said, I’ll see you guys in the next update, or on the next, crazy post that I come up with.  ’til then, dream on; fly on!

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