Month: October 2011

A Daniel X: Game Over Update

Daniel X

So, I am keeping with the schedule as I have just published the twenty-third (but, in reality, it’s the twenty-sixth chapter if you count the interludes) chapter of my Daniel X fanfic, Game Over. This chapter propels our story further

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DCTP Releases Quarter of Silence

It has been well-over a year since the 15th movie from Detective Conan was first shown in cinemas across Japan.  People, particularly fans of the series who do not understand Japanese, have long waited for the Detective Conan Translation Project

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Ask Yourself the Question, “Will This Matter a Year from Now?”

So, it’ s been two days since I last posted anything from the “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” handbook-slash-book.  I am still reading it, though on what I call “DStSS therapy”.  But, I am going in a much slower pace than

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Daniel X: Game Over, Chapter 25

Daniel X

I’m keeping with the schedule if you guys noticed the added Events Calendar on SnK.  So, yeah, here is the next chapter of the Daniel X fanfic Game Over. In this chapter, Daniel and his drang find themselves in a new

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24th DX Chapter Up! Plus, Other Fanfic News!

Daniel X

So, I was supposed to upload this chapter during the weekend but, I was so caught up with my reading and with playing the new video game that I bought for myself as a form of stress reliever, that I

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