First DX: Game Over Update Of The Week!

It’s Sunday already.  And, although the day is already coming to an end, I’ve decided to publish the next chapter of my Daniel X fanfic, Game Over.  I was supposed to publish it yesterday but my mom asked me to go with her to Lipa and so, I had to push the update back.  I would also have published it earlier today but, since I was so dead tired from yesterday, I woke up pretty late (and by late, I meant waaay past lunch time) and had to force myself out of “lazy-mode” just to boot the computer up.

Anyways, this chapter merely follows up on where the previous chapter let off and this one has something important in it–plot-wise–that would drive the story further.  You can read this latest chapter by heading to this link or by searching for this fanfic on FFN’s Daniel X archive.

I can’t say when the next update would be, all I am sure of is that it would be this week and there would also be another Interlude chapter coming up which would also be released this week, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Anyways, that’s all for now.

Until the next update, dream on; fly on!

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