As an avid Lauren Alaina fan since Day 1, I am really, really, reaaaallly looking forward to October 11th when her first album, Wildflower hits shelves.  Hopefully, the Philippines would not be late in this.

Ever since word got out of Lauren working on her album, I had continuously annoyed the heck out of my parents just so they could let me buy said album when it comes out.  Of course, I would also be buying Scotty McCreery’s Clear as Day album when it comes out.  Lucky for me there’s only a couple of books coming out this month and that would open up some of my allowance for books so that I could buy both albums.

If you have watched Lauren’s interview regarding Wildflower, I can imagine that most of you (like me) got really excited for it.  The way they were talking about the songs would make you want to listen to it all the more and make you curious.

Thankfully, Amazon gives us a glimpse of what the songs sound like and, let me tell you, they are simply amazing!  Buying them would not be a waste, especially if you’re into contemporary and pop country music.

The album has twelve songs and all of these songs were chosen to really fit with who and what Lauren represents and you can really see how she connects with the song–you could feel it.  There are quite a number of these songs that would make you smile when you hear it.  The last song in the album, Dirt Road Prayer, makes you pause and reflect.  The songs are beautiful and Lauren does them justice.

I can’t wait for this album to come out and for Lauren to make another album!

You can listen to samples of this song via Amazon.com or by heading to this link.

Below are the track list for Wildflower.

  1. Georgia Peaches
  2. Growing Her Wings
  3. Tupelo
  4. The Middle
  5. Like My Mother Does
  6. She’s A Wildflower
  7. I’m Not One of Them
  8. The Locket
  9. Eighteen Inches
  10. One of Those Boys
  11. Funny Thing About Love
  12. Dirt Road Prayer


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