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Most people who know me knows about how much I enjoy reading.  It’s, like, tied up with writing–something I’m really, really passionate about.  Of course, I also like listening to music, especially those meaningful, uplifting songs that you can get a lesson or two out of, hence, my great inclination to Country music.

So, anyways…since I really am, like, one heck of a book enthusiast (I refuse to be called a ‘booknerd’ or a ‘bookworm’), I have this calendar where I have listed all the release dates of the books that I am looking forward to and stuff like that.  And, most of the time, I have, like, the dates memorized so I  know when a particular book will be out and I can go to the bookstore to annoy the heck out of the sales people there by asking them over and over again when the book’s going to be delivered to said store, until such a time that I actually have a copy of the book (and, most of the time, I get that copy from a different bookstore, anyway).

Since October 4th is, like, one of the biggest date in the book industry–what with three of the books I’m waiting for being released on said date–I’ve given a day before I went to the bookstore to ask for those three books: Heroes of Olympus: Son of Neptune (by Rick Riordan), Silence (by Rebecca Flitzpatrick), and Seriously…I’m Kidding (by Ellen DeGeneres).

Lo and behold, they don’t got them yet.  What a surprise.  NOT!

I kinda figured out that they won’t have them yet but still, one can and does hope that by some cosmic miracle they would have those books available at the date they should be available (they’re release dates) like decent bookstores.  But, no.  I have to wait and hope that I get called and informed that the deliveries have arrived (since I asked for a reservation of copies of said book when I went there earlier today).  And, I am not good with waiting, especially if I have already been waiting for, like, a year for those books!

But, of course, books aren’t the only issue when it comes to releases.

I also went to the music store to see if they finally got a hold of Scotty McCreery’s album, Clear As Day, like any decent music store…even though I already bought a copy off of iTunes, I still want a CD…Anyways, I asked the sales person there if they already have the album.  This is the actual conversation that occurred then:

Me: Excuse me, do you have Clear As Day?

Sales person: Clear as Day?  Who’s the singer?

Me: Scotty.  Scotty McCreery.

Sales person: Who?  Scotty McFeery?

So, yeah…that was a rather pointless conversation as the Sales person didn’t know who Scotty was and he kept saying Scotty’s name wrong.  What’s more, he went to ask the other Sales people about an album by ‘Scotty McFeery’ that I eventually went on ahead and asked the other sales people myself if Scotty McCreery‘s (yes, I actually had to stress out what Scotty’s last name is) album was available at their store.

After, like, a long time they finally told me that they don’t have it and that, at this point, only stores in Manila are selling the album.  I’m like, “What the heck?!  Manila?  AGAIN!?” I am really starting to get annoyed at the malls in the city where I live.

Anyways, enough about the rants.  I’m not really the ranting-kind-of-girl.  Although, these aren’t really rants as I did not express any violent intentions…just huge amounts of annoyance.

I’ve come up with something to add spice to my blog and that is video blogging…or something.  Don’t know what to call it or what it is actually called…or maybe I do know what it’s called but I can’t remember.  I’m pretty tired so my head’s all jumbled up.  The point is, I’m going to start uploading, like, video snippets of me and stuff that comes to mind.  Like a video log.  Yeah!  That’s right.  I remember now!  That was what I was going to call it.  Video Log!

So, yeah.  I’m gonna start doing it, maybe tomorrow or on the weekends.  I’m not really sure yet.  All I am sure of is that I am going to make absolute use of my iPhone and our video camera to do that.

So, there.  A little bit of update on me and my blog since I noticed I’ve been posting nothing but updates about my fanfic and manga and all those other stuff while this blog is still supposed to be  part-personal, part-entertainment.

I’ll let you guys know how that goes on the next post.  Until then, dream on; fly on!

There is nothing more that I enjoy doing than reading books and writing. I'm kind of a nerd like that, XD. I have been writing for 7 years and am the author of the YA novel "Winged: The Awakening" and "Winged: The Unraveling". Also, a YouTuber dealing with video games and gaming.

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  1. Wow that would be a great addition :), and that again reminds me of twilight and the little pony

  2. ahahaha, pinaalala mo sa akin si mama at ang happy meal. bwahahahaha

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